You Know Live

Though not everyone, and not always, let us be aware of this and the nature of the human being is the willingness to evolve.This evolution may take several paths: from which is only interested in economic or social aspects to who has your Personal growth or God as objective.I have had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. Those who are only interested in the material, in the pleasures, in the tangible, in pretend, boast, are convinced that is the right thing: life is going to end anytime and enjoy it. Nobody knows if there are somewhat later. And it is true that life is a feast of delights to enjoy.In another case opposite, there are people who renounce the pleasures of life, because they see them as temptations of the devil; they have the concept that in this life comes to suffer, or cheat thinking that it doesn’t matter to suffer in this life because then come another better, it is the eternal, and that the wonders of the other are denied to those who do not live a life of asceticism and renunciation.Between these extremes, there are all possible options.Each one is marked a way of seeing life, according to some beliefs which, in the majority of occasions, are not themselves; sometimes is not even one who decides what you want to do, but it is doing without proposing nothing: lives a day, faces things that come when they are already inevitable, is considered to be victim of fate or a bad karma, and not defends weather of life.On other occasions, one sensed something different, or you hear the inaudible voice within his heart, which called the consciousness or inner wisdom, and follows its dictates. He realizes that it is a person, and what that means and implies: knows that it is a balanced mixture of humanity and divinity, and has to attend both. .

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