Custom Cotton

Note that the price of such linen half imported counterparts! Allergic to synthetics? It would seem way to use thermal underwear closed. And if a compromise: the first layer to cotton? Not everyone has the same need to conquer the mountain, where cotton clothing is contraindicated. In this case, cotton protects against stimulus. Second – polypropylene layer actively removes moisture from the fountain of cotton, while the third – the wool layer retains heat. This linen has been tested and has received many accolades among fishermen, hunters, drivers, transport and machinery. On this basis, weaving, painting was created for children's clothes, all cotton. This is not underwear.

It does not remove moisture, but its functionality is completely replaces wool. It turned out environmentally-friendly neallergichnoe underwear for children and adolescents. Interesting development: polypropylene with cotton. This underwear is ideally suited to urban conditions with extreme temperature changes of public transportation and streets, as well as long stay in the room during the workday. Question: "What should be the underwear and what has been done?", Has already collected sea debate, which was broken a lot of copies. Need to consider the ultimate goals of application, quality and, most importantly, price. Indisputable one: the final word for the consumer! To date ultramax Thermals only underwear, which uses a multi-layered fabric produced on the territory of Russia. ource.

Fundamental points of our vision are: 1). Creating a production cycle entirely within the territory of Russia. We purchase only the fiber. The very fabric cutting and sewing patterns, packaging materials and printing manufactured at the Russian facilities. The process eliminates the whims of Customs and allows you to replenish stock of merchandise throughout the season. 2). All operations are performed on high-tech imported equipment in compliance with all technological requirements. 3). The quality and water transpiration properties of fabrics using a patented fiber Prolen and Thermolite monitored by international suppliers of these brands. 4). We offer a fair price for the final product. You save on customs duties levied on finished products imported into Russia without losing the quality and properties of the product.

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