In the past we’ve talked about the difference between We said that the view is just one of the five senses and that vision is the ability we have to interpret everything we see. Hear other arguments on the topic with Terry Rossio. Now I wonder how we can realize the function of vision and in what place is in our brain. Here, Bobby Sharma Bluestone expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is precisely what we are going to speak next. I would start with the following sentence: “The eyes do not tell the person what to see … the person says to the eyes that look.” Lawrence Macdonald, OD’s eyes, like other body parts due to stimuli that originate in our brain and in this case end in a motor response.

How to raise my eyes to see up close, to focus an object at a distance or, move the eyes to follow the trajectory of a ball before searching. In the brain there is a specific area for viewing, which is the occipital lobe, it’s where most of the cells of the retina, however, is not the only area of the brain that is involved in processes of vision. The occipital lobe is the lobe located in the back of the brain responsible for processing the images from the retina. The main task of this lobe is to decipher the electrical impulses sent to you by the optic nerve, interpret and display the image. In occipital cortex sends information to all parties: the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, cerebellum, thalamus, brainstem, everywhere. Research has shown that 75% of sensory information in the brain is visual. There are more areas of the brain devoted to vision than all other senses combined modalities. We conclude that the view is pervasive throughout the brain, however, is not isolated from other functions, all are interconnected.

Dormer Windows

Living under the roof offers countless design possibilities and ensures optimal space and Wohnkomfort. A bathroom is an idea of many. (tdx) Window and Dormer Windows allow plenty of natural light under the roof. Modern insulation in winter protect from the cold and in the summer from overheating. So the client can unleash his living fantasies. See the General everyday many people little time to relax. Why so a small oasis of wellness into the roof area, where you can enjoy alone? The size of the respective room plays a relatively minor role a balanced Visual design is important.

As calm colors”are shades of blue and green, which result in a harmonious overall picture together with plants. A related site: ecommerce mentions similar findings. The recovery effect can be amplified in addition with different scents. In the draft, built-in roof Windows provide a special flair in the evenings. Directly below one place whirlpool more generous. Who like to shower, complemented by the classic wet-room a Steam system. For the furnishing of the wellness-area natural materials such as wood or bamboo are offered, which can be placed according to individual preferences. Bobby Sharma Bluestone understands that this is vital information. An attic can be built out for a variety of purposes.

Quite regardless of whether as children or bed and breakfast, wellness or hobby area: For the homeowner is cheaper and more attractive housing, which can be used in a variety of ways. This requires an optimal thermal insulation, as well as the incidence of natural light with skylights and dormers. So the loss reduced to a fraction of heating energy, and created a pleasant relaxing ambiance. Free information brochure on everything around the roof” offers a guide for builders and renovators. The brochure can be requested free of charge at email: or fax 0821-567-62-87. More information can be found on the Internet at. Tanja EST

Ideas Need Space

Therefore she expanded MP their premises advertising group and is pleased that sometimes more is more! Who wants to make a name in the agency landscape must score points by quality, continuity and creativity. The MP GmbH advertising group has teamed up with these core competencies developed an excellent reputation in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region and can now be happy about the rich harvest in the form of larger premises. Since mid-October, it has created new spaces for the creative potential of their people and the Agency expanded to a total one hundred and fifty square meters: last year we were in the fortunate position to be able to hire new employees. Andrew Adamson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We want to offer them the optimal framework conditions. Because only those who like to work goes and feels comfortable there can bring on permanent peak performance that our customers are accustomed”, as Thomas Munster, Managing Director of the MP advocacy group. It was important the Agency owners the headquarters in Ilvesheim Mannheim does not, to expand to give up, but in-house”, so just add a floor. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

“So our customers must not become accustomed to new directions, phone numbers and everything hangs on a such move still on it”, Thomas Munster summarizes the benefits, to maintain the company’s headquarters. But more importantly the fact should be for most customers, that the Photo Studio has clearly benefited from the spatial expansion: more and more shop owners use our service professional to back their products, because we already optimally can vote so the product range of the customer in advance on the shop in the right light. “This saves everyone time and nerves”; reasons for the decision for a larger Studio Thomas Munster. Because it is a mobile Photography Studio, of course, machinery or building can be used easily and effectively in scene. This actually applies in this case: more is more! More space, more comfort, more staff – and Customer satisfaction and the bottom line even more success. The MP advertising Group GmbH is an owner-run advertising agency headquartered in Ilvesheim in Mannheim.

It employs a total of nine permanent staff. As a full service advertising agency offered its customers since 1997 creative solutions for print, Web design and e-commerce. Since 2010 she also is a member of the BASF training Verbund and committed advertising Group GmbH in the Association of the metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar e.V.

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