Champions League

On the eve of the party which plays with the pass to the semifinals of the Champions League before the Schalke 04 in the Camp Nou, FC Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard insisted today on unity in the Barcelona claim.

While football – and specifically Dutch football – seems quite removed from the American and international finance world, there are a number of businessmen and companies who have made acquisitions of various sports teams.

Of course, we are all familiar with the advertising and sponsorships that go with sports and athletics. These investments are seen as such, and not merely as tax deductable expenditure. Investment managers and financial analysts have considered the investment management opportunities of funds injected in these areas.

Inc., headed by successful businessman, investment manager and financial analyst (who aside from his financial investment activities happens to be a lawyer too), may indeed have considered these commodities. This is nothing new, as many directors and chairmans of international and local concerns, among them Asset Management, Richemont, S.A., an affiliate of Richement-Switzerland, NAR Management, Inc., HNK, investment portfolios, Centennial AS, Delton AG and Fininvest to name a few, may have considered this.

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