To who cares about competition? To you, to me, to the, to us, to you, to them. Admit it! Although we all hate to admit it publicly, all keep an eye on the competition and we want to know that they do, how they do and when to do it. It is part of the business. It is part of our everyday reality. That old adage: keep your friends close and your enemies closer, is applicable not only to personal relationships, but also to the commercial. Obviously, I do not advise you make friends with your competitors, but it is important to recognize their competitors and monitor closely the methods used. Monitor your competitors is essential, but should not be left to become his obsession. Therefore, it is necessary to be very balanced at the time of this kind of work.

In reality, I tell a secret there are many ways of making competitive intelligence on the internet. But this is no secret. There are even many services and tools that will help you in this task. The fact of being little used by most, not makes them mysterious. Therefore, in this mini-series of notes that I’ll write, I will show you 10 methods that you can use to make competitive intelligence on the internet. So, let’s start with the first: method 1: Ego Searches: what is Ego Searches? Ego Searches consists in searching for key words or phrases that represent a brand, product, company name or specific name.

In this way, one can see that it is so popular on the internet, what are the latest news regarding them, updates, etc. There are several ways of doing this. One way is to automate the ego searches using RSS feeds (the ones that use blogs) so that everytime an own or competitor product is mentioned in the news, blogosphere, etc., you receive a notification and details in an RSS feed. To configure Ego Feeds: RSS Ego Searches another way is to use two excellent resources online: Addict-O-Matic: which is a search engine that compiles all your Ego Surf searches on one page: which can simultaneously show you activity on Google, Yahoo, MSN among others. Method 2: competitive intelligence: the competitive intelligence is the process of gathering actionable information in a competitive environment. I.e., investigate the technical or commercial environment that uses another business. It is often used to influence a business development strategy. Obviously first thing you should do is to know your competition. What already you know it? At the time of take your company to the Internet, please rest assured that your competition is no longer the same. Now, depending on your business, you will need local, provincial, national and international competitors. To find out about your competition: select a keyword that represents the market where he tries to compete and do a Google search. Act followed, copy the address of the web site of your competitor. Subsequently, paste the address of the website from its competitor in any tool Whois Lookup to find out everything you can about your competitor: name of the Company, address, telephone, and to date they registered the domain. An excellent free tool for this task is DNS Stuff in the second part of this article, I will show you several methods. If you liked this post, you can see more posts like this in.

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