Many would think that the greater competition is one same one and that if you seek to be the best one you do not have because fijarte in which they do the others. To monitor the competition is a healthful practice for all company or independent professional, because it helps to put in perspective our levels of competitiveness and to more clearly define the differentiation strategy to follow. To give pursuit to our competition does not have to be seen like an uncertain, imitadora or paranoiac attitude, rather we must focus it like a feedback tool to develop better our commercial, strategic management and on watch, taking advantage of the emptinesses market or technical weaknesses that we could be discovering in the other companies. We know that there are companies that lower the price of the market, other that offer bad quality in their designs, other that are great, other that are very small and other that represent our true direct competition, this knowledge will allow us to focus our activity of intelligence towards the information that really we needed. We know in detail 5 aspects that we must monitor of our competition: ITS PORTFOLIO AND STYLE OF WORK It is important to know how which is our level of creative competitiveness within the market, to know the tendencies developed, to see and to learn of other designs, all in order to lay the foundations even more our own style, because when knowing what it is doing the competition gives to majors parameters to know how us how to differentiate to us from her and, to offer an original and attractive product. ITS CLIENTS To realise a mapeo of the taken care of important clients at the moment by our competitors allows us in the first place to have a clear reference of the covered market, to know the type companies that is requiring our services and to evaluate the strategy of positioning in clients developed by our competition.

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