Core Competence

Climbing, music, Bible cake bake every three years see so-called days of core competence in the CJD youth village for Offenburg instead. Now, about 400 young people had the opportunity to experience new three days away from everyday life, school and education again. In a total of 56 workshops, the participants could deal with different aspects of sport and health, music and art as well as religion and politics. The results were presented to entertaining in a furious show. Watercolor painting about singing and music-making up to circus acrobatics: In the musical area young people left unleash their creativity. And so participants to balloon artist Monika Kuppke provided for the colourful stage design of the final show. Ulrich Meyer’s group contributed light and sound effects. A video and photo team documented the workshops and final show.

In addition were built sculptures made of wire and plaster, dragons and dream catcher or woven baskets. The workshop with MC was a further highlights maximum one from the Offenburg indie-label Streethop. Together with his group wrote and produced the rapper seven hours song “you free rap”, which premiered on the youth village stage eventually. “Working with the boys and girls is incredibly inspiring. Am I looking forward, to work with them again soon”, emphasized maximum one.

In the framework of political education, participants addressed, for example, with the “stumbling stones”, with the mysteries of the Maori and the third world. In religious education workshops, young people discovered the Jewish cemetery or speculated about what need people to life itself. With trainers in the field of gastronomy, a Bible cake was baked exclusively from ingredients that are mentioned in the Bible. AIDS counseling, healthy eating, climbing and yoga were some topics of sports and health education. Political and artistic education, health education, religious education and sports play a central role in the pedagogical concept of CJD. Equipped with these core competencies are young people better prepared to participate in the social, professional and political life. You will learn at the same time, engage the responsibility to assume, and targets together to plan and implement. In events such as the core competency days, the young people of the CJD discover youth village for Offenburg their creativity and talent. “You can learn so much, that you can use in life always” stressed mark Buhler, head of the CJD Jugenddorf Christophorusschule, a major goal of the three-day event. “You have tried things, which you never did”, praised also training manager Silvia Muller the curiosity and interest of young people. Stefan Dilger, Director in the CJD youth village for Offenburg, finally thanked the many employees who had actively contributed to the success and achievement of the core competency days in addition to their everyday tasks.

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