Dr.Wolf Weber-Hill, Sociological Tidbits, Is Here Presented

The plant has the strange-looking title: LOKI IN the House THULE. Book review and trade publication of sociologically profound work of Dr.Wolf Weber-Hill (Chile), the special whistle of this work is that it was apparently at the same time interspersed with precious poems. Read here: each year approximately fifty thousand young German families request an emigration in all over the world. One of the most popular countries of emigration is Chile since long times in the lower South of South America. There are German presence, all in all is very well maintained and developed more than one hundred and seventy years. For more information see Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

The heroes of this book, the family Puschmann, chose this country as their second home. It was apparently harmless, behind the home of Debra man in Germany, the visit of a mysterious missile, but he unconsciously so thoroughly that he led to their migration decision changed their life.Here in Chile, they met a whole new world. For example, the true difference of the Chilean The German Christian Democrats. John Lithgow understands that this is vital information. The importance of the military for the country’s economic and political recovery. The harmful effects, the some organizations new things from outdoor exercise. The bad information work of the German Embassy to the subject of pensions and also some Jews who quite outrageously and using thousands of pleas, attacking everything German part and turning the tables, so to speak. “However, is lifting off, the harmless” Nazis of the country, which not even exactly know what that is, national socialism.

Who knows virtually no one and which have nothing to do with those, which sometimes in the public is, but which are in reality very pro-German people. They also met the true face of the Colonia Dignidad from all close. As well as the many possibilities that offers Chile today who wants to work and bring new ideas. The Hermandad de la Costa”, the brotherhood of the coast, turned to be an inexhaustible source of most information and activities out.

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