Energy Drinks

For those energy drinks are marketed at present and are very popular, one can say that the dose of taurine in them varies. Usually about 100 mg per 250 ml of drink (although some reach 1 g and more). One of the possible benefits that lead to taurine builders and other athletes is the improvement of cardiac skin care function during exercise citation needed .
A study in 2001 citation needed investigated the effects of an energizing drink very popular in the United States, which includes taurine, glucuronolactone and cardiovascular caffeine among its ingredients. Measurements included psychomotor performance (reaction time, concentration fitness and memory), and physical stamina. In comparison with control drinks, drink better studied resistance in aerobic and anaerobic body cicloergometros and cognitive parameters studied (Alford, 2001). It should be remembered, however, that in fitness any case this study spoke of the effect of taurine in interaction with other components of the energy drink, not the same in a vacuum.
Other research nutrients citation needed performed health with the double-blind, with the same energy drink of the previous study citation needed , investigated the reaction time and changes in the character, the welfare states and social feeling of extroversion. They concluded that the mixture of the three ingredients of the drink have positive effects on mental performance and character. It is proposed that these effects could be mediated by the action of wellness caffeine on receptor purinergicos and taurine modulation of these receptors (Seidl, 2000) citation needed .
Taurine in drinks such as Monster, , Burn, and others may be effective for the year this means that it health is not a narcotic, but an acid that can provide energy and vitality. Energy drinks have been linked, among other things, consumer deaths and health problems such health care as tachycardia or dental problems. Citation needed . Its high content of taurine has also meant that some countries consider it a complement, not a recreational drink. Many doctors also recommend a medical evaluation before consuming it as its frequent use (one or more times per week) may cause sexual impotence in a radius of 10 years. Citation needed .
In any case, the amount of energy drink that a person can drink without harm to their health, like all stimulants, it depends on your sensitivity to its components (such as caffeine) and varies considerably from supplements one individual to another.
Some experts agree that the greatest danger of energy drinks is its mixture with other substances, especially with alcohol mixing stimulants with depressants can cause abnormal heart rhythms and can create problems in nutrition the future.

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