Family Support

Also already it did not import more, after the departure of Gilbert, Mrcia discovered that it had engravidado. Counting on the integral support of our family, she makes what it to give up any hypothesis of interruption of that pregnancy, that is, it decides to have the son. It is the year most turbulent of the life of Mrcia, its friends also were euphoric with those changes, but as they were young with modern ideals, already she did not treat the gestation as illness – what many people for ignorance think until today. the months had passed, there eighth month of pregnancy was Mrcia in its jumping carnival. Beyond the sprees, Mrcia it smoked and it ingested alcoholic beverage, what believes it leads it that nothing an abortion was promoted was because the destination of that child already was written. Then, in the October month, when Mrcia completed its nineth month, it was led to the hospital in day eight of October for my Agapito grandfather. He had complications and the baby did not obtain to be born of normal form, he took what to feel it pains for all night.

When my family decided to make the cesariana surgery, for miracle, to the five hours and forty minutes of day nine of October of 1986, the child was born in a normal childbirth, to this boy had nominated of Thiago and for not consisting the last name of the father, it she all inherited the last name of its mother – Macedo Sampaio.4. Continue to learn more with: Michael J. Bender. Chapter III – The first years of mine vidNa second half of the Eighties still would appear new members for that family. After some conflicts between Rege and Cida after separation, the mother of Rick was to live in So Paulo and Rick started to live with my grandmothers. It prevails it was married again and it had more two children with its second J wife, called Sheila and Jr. .

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