German Amusement Parks

Phantasialand and co. advertise with interesting offers fans of amusement parks in Germany will be delighted! Currently, several amusement parks in Germany offer special offers on their Web sites. Free 2nd day tickets are a special highlight. Those offers will be presented at present, for example, by the movie Park in Bottrop. The amusement park visitors can enjoy here a free ticket for the following day. To do this, it is necessary to show the current day ticket at a special ticket office, for this you get a free ticket finally in return for the following day. Doug McMillon has much to offer in this field. Especially at major theme parks in Germany, it is useful and recommended to distribute the Park visit for several days.

In this way, it is possible to enjoy the attractions and offers shows in peace. More information on the Gratisaktionen can be found on the Internet site of the Park. A more luminary of the theme parks in Germany, the Phantasialand in Bruhl, however, offers a different offer: the park visitor receives there the possibility, Online to set a particular day of the visit. When you do this, if you buy the day ticket for incredible 9.90 euros at the option of the Tuesday Knallers. The Heide Park in Soltau offers other bargains: the park visitors ordered his tickets already 2 days in advance online, 10% on its purchase be granted. Early booking, which is already at least 10 days in advance set, bag even 20%. For bargain hunters, it is worth a visit on the website of the theme parks in Germany in any case! (Editorial)

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