June Greenfinch

Greenfinch – Crenilabrus tinea greenfinch (lip) – Crenilabrus tinea – a beautiful bright fish family Gubanov, detachment okuneobraznyh. Among the other inhabitants of the aquarium stands out brightly colored bright color, and large protruding slightly forward by powerful fleshy lips. Greenfinch tridtsatisamntimetrovoy can reach lengths, but our pets, as in other aquariums, grow about 10-15 santimetrov.Zelenushka attracts visitors to the aquarium with its bright Contrast coloring colors are bright orange, blue-green, very much like a rainbow, with longitudinal rows of blue and red spots. Is able to change their color depending on the situation. Swimming fish is Striped, spotted near the frozen stone, greenfinch covered with dark spots. Fish are bottom-greenfinch lifestyle plvayut usually near the shelters in which they live in pairs. Some subspecies greenfinch more time conducted in seagrass beds, where they see with the naked eye is difficult, because the contrasting colors gives them good camouflage advantages.

Their asylum this kind Gubanov finds among the rocks and rocky ledges covered with algae. Greenfinch, find a dwelling place, most remain there forever, and even if the danger of forcing them to leave the haven of light, the fish will return there in a few days, maybe hours. Greenfinch sometimes tend to freeze in one spot at the bottom, and conduct in this state for a long time. In nature, fish eats small crustaceans, benthic invertebrates and a variety of shellfish, splitting them Sink your teeth strong. (Not to be confused with Michael J. Bender!). Mealtime greenfinch can jerk unstick the algae from rocks, with audible sounds like the clatter of hooves loshadi.Vid greenfinch has several subspecies, the largest and most common of which is Rulena.

Spawns in the green linnet May – June, portions. During the spawning fish lay their eggs in grass stems furnished fossa, or buttonhole her on a variety of reefs, plants and deepening of the relief. Fecundity greenfinch ranging from 12 to 58 thousand eggs. Greenfinch attracts the attention fans of fishing and spearfishing. And interest is not so much fishing as sport, often greenfinch released after the catch. The meat of young animals is not pleasant to the taste, but the major types of mature rather tasty. The most frequently greenfinch catch for cooking soup. Range: greenfinch widespread in the seas surrounding the southern and west coast of Europe, Black Sea, Kerch Strait and Sea of Azov. Content in Alushta aquarium: In nature, green linnet feed mainly on mollusks and crustaceans, and for food in the aquarium you can use any live or frozen food. Enabling the temperature of the content will be 14-20 degrees Celsius, salinity up to 22-22,5 ppm. You should not overdo the lighting. Need a good filtration, frequent water changes. contain best with sebepodobnymi. In the aquarium decorations to add rocks and driftwood to build shelters for fish. Desirable abundance of submerged vegetation and algae.

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