Lake Placid

The company was sewing uniforms and shoes for the best athletes, then arranged a number of luxury products, readily available conventional observer. Fila rushed to stay on the court as, in that way and outside the court, as if talking about the peculiar involvement of the sport. Fila has taken own niche, taking no interest only wealthy people, but even taking into account the interests of individual athletes. In 1986, Ingmar Shtenmarkom ostentation, had fought for the prize of a lattice pattern Fila won interest in Innsbruck and Lake Placid, respecting the green fields of England according to the open championship golf and participated in training before the Masters, with the famous Tom Watson. Ascended to the top of a major recognition Everest, in the absence of air, Reinhold Messner with in 1978. A similar exclusivity Fila arranged one of the best manufacturers as a progressive, and that way the traditional sportswear. Brand has proven its own reliability for the first time in the world by submitting a sports velours suit.

Pattern supplied Fila truly voluntary, the soft movement. Firm with a perfect right to believe has the ability to be one of the global favorites in the manufacture of sports clothing, that's why winning the confidence of athletes and professionals in the 1980s. By the 1990s Fila was a recognized brand, forced countless admirers of his own reputation. Her entrance to the sportswear played strong role in the world of racing, where in the design were sold to some innovative thinking. Fila athletic shoes suggested, in the race was made koiya "continuation" of an athlete. For example that way: while others tried to force the machine to rattle louder, Fila found spotless, simple maintenance, Coy did not interfere with a performer. Fila reached including Kenya – power, where in the kids run barefoot miles of roads in accordance Zapyataev and tea fields – the only platform.

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