National Park

To visit the National Park of Masoala, we must navigate through the East coast of Madagascar. The Park, by the Supreme quality of its fauna and flora, is an important tourist place for Madagascar. Situated at 1,300 m of altitude, masoala is composed of primary forest, surrounded by beaches from the wild when the sea was formed by crystalline water makes the simply magical place. The Park is home to endemic species, many of them still undiscovered. To meet people and enjoy the exceptional natural wealth of Madagascar, therefore, it is essential to include in the trip planner the Masoala Park.

Near the Park is Arola Lodge, is one of the best places of accommodation for tourists who want to discover this wonderful area in the East of the big island. Many tour operator Madagascar promote the place in their brochures and catalogues. In fact, this ecological hostel is the ideal place to stay calm during the Madagascar stay amidst nature. Consists of 9 bungalows lining the shape of the traditional huts of Madagascar and comfortable, Arola Lodge reserves a warm welcome and delicious food for your customers. To Crown everything, offers excursions for tourists to go to the meeting of wildlife within the park such as the lemur Vari Roux, discover different species of plants such as orchids, fine wood or Palm of all kinds. It also happens that these animals in the Park, despite being endemic, made a brief visit in the course of the lodge, enough to delight tourists who stay on the site.

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