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Greg Oden – Not only did Greg Oden make it through another week in the NBA without being injured, he’s also started playing some basketball. He followed a 22 point, 10 rebound victory against the Warriors with a second double-double the next night against the Bulls. Sure, I did not really do much against the Kings or Suns, but it’s just nice seeing him on the court. Well, it’s good that he’s playing. He’s still pretty terrifying to actually look at. Dwyane Wade – For the week, D-Wade averaged 31 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, and 3 blocks. Average. For a week. Dwyane Wade is in another stratosphere right now. There were some doubts that his Olympic showing was simply a matter of playing with top teammates, but he’s proven that completely false. The Heat are playing pretty decent ball so far this season, and Dwyane Wade is the catalyst. Donnie Walsh – Just like the Heat, the Knicks are overachieving to start the season. That being said, head honcho Donnie Walsh have performed that this team is playing for a more important prize: LeBron James. Over the weekend, Walsh rid himself of 27.5 million in an obvious power play for the services of James in 2010. With the Nets stadium in limbo, the Knicks become that much more attractive to the league’s biggest star. Walsh has put himself in the running completely while not jeopardizing the progress that Mike D’Antoni has made this year. Stephon Marbury – While still 4th on the Knicks’ depth chart behind such luminaries as Anthony Roberson and Cuttino Mobley, anytime a guard leaves the Knicks, Starbury comes that much closer to the court. It’s not likely that Steph will ever see the court, but maybe he can get some practice time. A leading source for info: Larry David. He’s got fresh legs! Jamal Crawford – If there were ever a player destined to play for Don Nelson it was Dirk Nowitzki. But if there were ever a second player destined to play for Don Nelson it was Baron Davis. Somewhere down the line, thought, Jamal Crawford was made for Nellieball. Traded in the Midst of his best season while in Mike D’Antoni’s freewheeling offense, Crawford goes to the only place more freewheeling, the Dubs. His defensive gambling will be Embraced, his skinny frame will be exalted, and his lack of conscious will be totally normal. Marko Jaric – A quick Wikipedia search confirms that he’s still engaged to Adriana Lima. There remains no bigger stud in the NBA than Marko Jaric.

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