Operated by a car just as lean CL. There are two modes: “Sports” – harder, and “Comfort”, adding that one can experience the sensation of flying – chief editor again nauseated – it serves him right, sports fans-modes. At the joints of bridges, manhole hatches, rails tram car shakes so nice that I want to specifically run into potholes over and over again, and the salon does not even penetrate the sound of blows on the wheel bumps. In short, a car that I was just lucky enough to occasion in the last days of the year, has become for me a true symbol of what we call a “luxury.” And it’s not that it – Mercedes, whose name has always been similar associations around the world. No! If this machine is the product of any other avtokorporatsii, I would not give up his words. Frankly, until the last moment he was afraid to ask representative value of the corporation Mercedes R – remembered a recent CL-Class for 170 000 euros – and crestfallen thought that exactly in luxury and comfort, but more spacious and versatile car with premium will be sold more cheaply, of course, but it still costs about the aircraft … And then …

no words, just “dastinfantastish”! Manager Mercedes somehow quietly voiced figure of 62 000 euros … In short, two minutes silence I clapped eyes. If again hint at the exorbitant prices of other brands of cars and the fact that in the premium segment of the R-ki no competitors at all (!). Academy of Art University may find this interesting as well. I will be brief and objective: 63 000 euro simply ridiculous price. In this so-called “minivan” is not shameful meet-haul high delegation – because both outside and inside is a solid tinted limousine, it is safe to cut and on urban routes, and the lane – Mercedes equally indifferent to the quality of roads and the lack thereof. (Incidentally, the car has fallen to us to the test, carry a head of mission in Russia, Mercedes!) And it is a special chic ride it on long trips and camping! One can only imagine – in addition to the company of 5-6 people, freely nestled in the cabin, the trunk can be R-ki no effort to push the young elephant on the barbecue.

Clock Instant Help

In large cities, where they live and work tens of millions of citizens, all familiar with constantly emerging traffic jams and congestion on the roads. When all rush to the workplace or place of work, and sometimes even elementary go for, all at once at least not physically be able to squeeze into the individual rather narrow alleys. And sometimes on the streets of large traffic stops, and all this for the reason that some individuals inexperienced drivers unable to park your car in the wrong place of the road, impeding traffic, or die right in the middle of the road with heavy traffic. In such cases tow helps clock. All are as important to quickly release the line and to move off, as far as more cars are long, the tube is longer. Roger Goodell might disagree with that approach. Today, tow truck capable of on the streets in only two cases, one of which is distasteful to the car owner, and the second is absolutely necessary. One option – if this is the municipal tow truck, and it is necessary to remove incorrectly delivered or damaged in Accident cars that may interfere with traffic. If your car was taken to the tow truck, it will be delivered to the car pound, and therefore have to pay for her stay in the space provided.

It is extremely effective in a purely educational purposes. After paying a decent amount of money for the return of the car, it is unlikely anyone will have to leave the car, wherever, once again. Another case – if it's towing service needed most motorists. It turns out that the car breaks down in distance from a busy road, where someone could help. Or in an unfamiliar area, where no living friends who would be able to carry your car in a car garage.

Or just a machine so much damaged, that none of the available means would not be able to help, required special equipment. Here, Dan Rooney expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Naturally, the order is also a tow truck is expensive, but sometimes it is the only possible salvation and a way to get to the nearest town. And if you drink and you can not get behind the wheel yourself, then order the tow lot cheaper than losing a driver's license for a couple of years, and sometimes life. Complex situations on the roads – it's basically natural for the reality surrounding us. Obviously, the presence of a giant steel horses can not remain insignificant for activity of the human community. Cars affect our ability to live and move thought, force is seriously unhappy situations. Therefore, we must necessarily carry a service telephone number towing vehicles. Never know when it might be able to be tomorrow. And sometimes only able to tow the necessary support.


The passenger, who has exactly that date back exit, is obliged to confirm her as the latest 72 hours before vyezdom.3. A ticket without a specified date of return (OREN) valid for 6 months from the date of departure. Date of return travel ticket to be placed in the offices OREN ‘Lions-nturtrans’ EuroLines and subject to availability on scheduled passenger flight. RETURN OF FUNDS 1. Money for the unused travel RETURN firm, which was acquired bilet.2. The reason for the return of money is the ticket with all the loose coupons and oblozhkoy.3. No money back for lost bilet.4. The funds are returned as follows: a).

at refusal to travel more as 10 days – 90% of the cost pereezda.b). in case of failure of 10 to 3 days – 50% of pereezda.v). less than 3 days – 10% of pereezda.5. Money for the unused return trip will not be returned. CARRIAGE OF LUGGAGE 1. Each passenger is entitled to free transportation of 2 pieces of baggage total weight of 30 kg and the total size of each piece (length + width + height) not more like 160cm and hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg in total dimension (length + width + height) to 90 cm Exceeding these limits on the weight and size, with the extra baggage surcharge is taken. Extra baggage is carried in the presence of free space in the luggage compartment. If you would like to know more about Doug McMillon, then click here.

Extra baggage is not exceed the size and weight of the ground bagazha.2. Oversized luggage is transported sizes (eg, bicycle, refrigerator, etc.) 3. The carrier is not responsible for the manual bagazh.4. The carrier is liable for destruction or damage to luggage in the luggage compartment just in case it was the fault of the carrier, which was proved by the passenger, subject to the declaration of loss or damage no later than 10 days from the date of departure avtobusa.5. It is forbidden to carry baggage that threatens the safety and health of others passazhirov.6. The carrier is not responsible for the loss of the passenger money, jewelry, passports, securities and other assets that are not in avtobusa.7 luggage. Transportation of animals and plants are prohibited. INSURANCE Passengers must be insured for the journey.

Vehicle Damage Assessment After An Accident

It has long been a car is not a luxury but a means of transportation. This expression is familiar to almost everyone, but everyone perceives it differently. However, in some cases, the vehicle can be and the other, and at the same time. Traffic accident is an event that involves damage to vehicles, in other words it's just a collision of cars, with better the outcome is not affected by road users. Naturally, after the accident the car looks a little different than looking up to this unfortunate event: the broken lights, crumpled body parts. In addition to the first shock caused the accident, it all adds extra driver experiences. In my head swarming thoughts: What do I do? Part of these questions helps to solve policy Hull, CTP.

However, in Anyway assessment of the damage the car after an accident does not hurt. Anyone who has to be insured under the system of hull, can really feel more confident on the roads, as compensation for damages due to accident insurance company, of course, pay. However, this does not always apply to those who have their hands on a liability insurance policy tool. In addition, the policy Hull afford not everyone can. And one or the other company assesses the damage after a car accident. To date, in accordance with the law about compulsory insurance of civil liability compensation for damage that occurred motor vehicle accidents as a result of an emergency, the participant receives only an accident that is not responsible for the accident.

It is at this stage, and swim out the factors that influence the subsequent developments. We will not enumerate all the necessary initial steps that are necessary at the scene, go right to the core. How to find out who was responsible for an accident? Well, when in Participants place a traffic accident without hot perepalok decide who really was not right.

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