Sport Utility

The first – is deposited around each spike mesh, indicating the degree of break-in. As you know, any new tire, and especially studded, requires about 500 km careful operation needed to shrink the spikes. Accordingly, the correct run-bus will have laid down specifications. In the fifth Hakkapeliytty everything clearly: disappeared mesh – the driver knows that running is over. Connect with other leaders such as Walmart here. The second – an indicator of tire safety in winter conditions – a snowflake in the grooves of the tread, which is located at a height of 4 mm. Here, too, is simple: gone snowflake – bus stops be a safe winter tire.

She no longer the same figures for splashpleningu by aquaplaning For SUVs Everything we told above, is characteristic of the second new family of tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta Sport Utility 5. In fact, they almost twins, but since the latter is designed for heavier vehicles and powerful, it has its own characteristics. Externally, they can be distinguished by the paired central rib of Sport Utility 5, and if into details, we can note and other differences. Sheep in Sport Utility 5 is also tetrahedral "plus", but the body tenon made of steel against aluminum alloy with tires for passenger cars, due to higher loads. And since cars are suv class center of gravity, it is important that the tire balanced perceived body movements. To do this in the shoulder area formed by the ribs, which improve the stability of the car. Are important for expensive car and bus design issues.

South Port

Redemption for sale – one of the types of business, which became widespread in recent years. According to analysts, this simple kind of business will grow in direct proportion to an increase in the number of vehicles in country. The more cars in the country becomes, the more difficult to sell a used car in the secondary market. With emotion recollected the good old Soviet times when no problems with the sale of used auto. First, the new cars sold in Moscow in only one place – in the South Port, how can imagine such a modern car enthusiast? Secondly, in a free car sales were not, they sold only on record, and take in the queue normal place could only "through connections or money.

Cost of a 'place' in the queue reaches the value of the car. It is not hard to guess that the deficit extends to cars used to sell a second hand car did not have to place ads in the newspaper, but it was enough to offer it to friends. According to the stories of my parents, this happiness, which they have experienced, buying his first car – a used eared , they do not experience more than ever, even now, changing the new cars annually. Time dictates the conditions. Automotive markets overflowing wheelbarrows from many different countries, the Internet and media profile publications are full of advertisements about selling cars and sell the iron horse is more complicated. The situation was aggravated due to the unprecedented development of Russia in the automobile lending. A potential buyer is not unreasonable argues that the more profitable and safer to get credit and a little overpaid, get a new car, which is not repainted, and was not hijacked.

In January 2007, I decided to change its year-old Hyundai, took off from the price of a new $ 4000 (!) posted a message on the seven sites (!), in three newspapers (!) and very hung up on her scrap of paper with words such as selling. Sold only in March, having thrown off all $ 500! Flurry of calls was not observed, rang about five people. This is despite the fact that Hyundai – sales leader for the statistics, demand for these cars are Banks luring motorists with a sum to buy only used cars. As statistics show, the big problem with selling a car not arise if you have a car vaz for sale these wheelbarrows have traditionally raises a flurry of calls, of course, if the price is adequate. In 90% of motorists in the budget for the new car includes the cost of their old that is, before you purchase a new, must sell the old one. Spring – time for a change, I want to buy something comfortable and dynamic, the loan is approved, the new car is a dream And his sell all did not work. You can, of course, is same Motor take advantage of trade-in, give them my wheelbarrow in netting, but how many will appreciate it If you do not have time for a separate search for a buyer, then it is advantageous to apply in the enterprise, the narrow thrust of which is buying new cars. Buying a car used by them on more favorable terms than in large showrooms, but the deal is accompanied with the same security. Particularly interested in this proposal people in dire need of money or, for example, those who urgently need to leave the country. For such situations, ransom urgent sale – service is very necessary!

VAZ Heater

Crane heater wha – a detail that is responsible for regulation of air temperature inside the car. Its use depends primarily on the model – so, VAZ-2108 is equipped with more and choke for air, and the VAZ-2110 vaz heater valve absent. However, car owners often set it further, or, conversely, modify or change. Crane heater wha opens or shuts off the engine coolant in the radiator heating the cabin. Because of this heated or cooled air entering the cabin.

The fact that the engine cooling system uses a special fluid (antifreeze), which reduces its temperature, heats itself. It is this already hot fluid is directed into the radiator heater compartment. This happens only when the valve heater wha opened. Otherwise, the valve shuts off the heater wha antifreeze in the radiator. How way it affects the air temperature? The radiator is connected not only to the engine cooling system, but also to the fan, aspirating air from the outside. If the valve heater wha opened, the air passing through the radiator, will heat from the antifreeze located there. Thus, the salon will go a flow of warm air.

If the valve heater wha is closed, the radiator the air is not heated, and, getting into a car, it will be cool. The more antifreeze heater valve passes the wha, the higher the temperature in the cabin. This principle is used in older models of the wha. Those who have more and choke (for example, the VAZ-2108 and VAZ-2109), regulate the temperature in a somewhat different manner. Along with the above-described crane heater wha works and damper, which determines the direction of air flow. When it is fully open, the air is directed into the radiator, which is already open valve heater wha. At full closed, the air goes directly into the cabin without getting into the radiator. It is also possible mixing flows: the part goes through the radiator, and some – from the outside. Crane heater wha and damper managed together. This means that in a closed throttle valve heater wha will not miss antifreeze in the heater, and when you open it starts to heat the air. In models where there is no crane wha heater, coolant from the engine is in the radiator constantly, and the entire temperature control is carried out only by a shutter.

Classic System

Every year in our country are becoming increasingly popular foreign cars. IAB describes an additional similar source. Now is not a problem to buy or sell a car in Rostov. This refers to foreign car brand. It so happened that Russian carmakers increasingly frustrating our motorists. Insufficient funding makes it impossible for our producers, such as AvtoVAZ, gaz, uaz develop new, more modern and reliable model cars. In this position, our car manufacturers are forced to just try to upgrade some existing models, trying them out a little bit closer to the European level. Have not quite modern appearance, and not enough good Completion, Russian cars are becoming less attractive to us. And most disappointing build quality of our vehicles and their components.

It's no secret that car German or Japanese are becoming increasingly popular in Russia, as has long held the brand, and fully justifies the title of most reliable cars. A good alternative to our increasingly rising in price cars, was the new Nissan Almera Classic. The machine, having a reliable Japanese manufacturer, and package far better car of our production costs available in most of our motorists. Naturally, the Almera Classic will be more preferable than the same Priora from AvtoVAZ, when the price difference is not so great, how great is the difference in quality! Almera Classic rich in extra features: Rear Power windows, remote tailgate opening system, adjustable driver's seat height, 15-inch alloy wheels, audio system with CD-player, antenna, brake distribution efforts ebd, Brake Assist, fog lights. More expensive sibling Almera Classic Country producer, but leaves an indelible impression on one only of appearance, Lancer X in the latest body, found the car of 2009. All its aggressive appearance, it shows that is designed for movement, for the win. Looking at the front part and optekaemye body lines that transmit power and pressure, it seems that it's future breaks into our present! Inside, all Lancer so thought that they forget the fuss and the imperfection of the external world.

Tightly closed doors do not allow intrusive street noise, automatic climate control and spacious sports seats provide pleasant atmosphere of confidence and peace of mind. The instrument panel and the entire cabin is fully made of very high quality materials. Recently introduced new German company – the new Volkswagen Jetta, is becoming more popular and popular in our country. Looks very similar to his older brother, the Volkswagen Passat, took away all the positive qualities and traits, and ahead of its sales in Russia. This car is equipped with a wide range of Gasoline and diesel engines. All of them are perfect Jett. Even the most modest of them develops 102 hp. The new Jetta in all equipment is equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS). The system prevents the wheels from locking on a slippery roadway, and the car remains manageable. As additional equipment manufacturer offers an electronic system of exchange rate stability (ESP). Due to such features as rear steer suspension and braking system, comfortable, Jetta, even in critical situations or on sharp curves always keeps the course, bringing great pleasure to control its owner.

European Championship

The world-renowned manufacturer of stylish wheels aez sponsored European Championship polo. Polo – this is without doubt one of the most elite sports. This attribute is noble, rich and sophisticated people. And, nevertheless, Polo – not just entertainment, it is nowhere as strong competitive spirit and desire to win. Competitions in this sport are held at the international level. One of these competitions – European Championship – held in Austria from 3 on September 12. The venue of the championship was chosen Ebrayksdorf idyllic Castle Park, located an hour from the capital.

Event was sponsored by world-renowned manufacturer of stylish wheels drives the company aez. Elite drives that are used in huge demand in the car tuning industry came to court in the championship for elite sport. This is not the first event of the highest level, supported by aez. The company is known for his love of sailing and regular participation in major regattas. At the European Championship polo aez company opened its own pavilion, and fans who came to Ebrayksdorf, in between playing could familiarize themselves with new drive models. As for the game, the victory went to the French team that went round the Spaniards. The only achievement worthy Germans were new drive models aez, performing the present stir among the spectators. Copying and publication of news is permitted provided the source is: This and other tire news here:

Darracq Company

its main office is located in Milan. Formation of the company started in 1906. And there was all because in a small town near Milan Portello have created a society which was called Societa Italiana Automobili Darracq. It was created with a view to produce cars Darracq. Ugo Stella was the founder of this community.

Since it is not growing sales of light vehicles, this company has decided to reinvent itself by producing sports cars. It was after the reorganization in 1910, their became known as alfa (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica di Automobili), ie, the Lombard company to produce cars. First child, which was created in 1910 by engineer J. Merosi, who previously worked at fiat, is an open Five 24CV capacity 42 liters. with. Although he had changed 12CV, but the power it had 22 hp. Before the war, the company alfa and began producing most of these models.

Racing car was easy to do on the sports chassis, and car 12CV won the competition, which speaks of its quality. The First World War was the reason that the production of cars stopped a little bit. A little later, namely in 1915, Nicola Romeo becomes the owner of the firm and after the war begins production of cars, which include 4-cylinder engine. The new owner renamed the company and named it after himself. In 1925 the first world championship race cars (Motor Racing Championship) won Alfa P2, that was a pleasant surprise. Fame to the race car the company has already arrived in the 20th years.

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