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“Summer freshness instead of advertising recession: marketing journal marke41 scent of summer freshness instead of advertising slowdown” promises the new edition of the marke41 marketing journal and smells of lemon. “” The author magazine focuses on pure premium contributions Kirsten missions field, Marketing Director of the Warsteiner brewery”, by Stephan Merkens, head of advertising at the Cologne-Bonn airport with airport there’s no silly season” and Hans-Joachim Strauch, Managing Director of ZDF commercial television about advertising effectiveness through sales-relevant target group definitions “. Others who may share this opinion include Ted Elliott. The author journal marke41 is the communication platform of the brand makers. Exclusive contributions from first-class know-how from the practice and offer reliable and competent guidance marketing. Our authors, their practical case studies, tools and forecasting are what counts,”says Publisher and editor-in-Chief Friedrich M.

Kirn, MIM Marken Institut Munchen GmbH… E-Journal, blog and increased print run (6,200 copies) with a refined cover for even more attention. “Kirn: high-quality content deserve a special look and feel.” marke41 E-Journal now free at other topics of the issue 3/2010: between loss of control and relevance loss brands on the way to the Dialogic Web Christian Faltin, Managing Director of cocodibu GmbH profitable channel management by professionelleMehrkanalsysteme Prof. Dr. Marcus Schogel, Director of the Institute for marketing the University of St.

Eurotoques Germany

The premium checkbook Mercussini reloads exclusive gourmet and lifestyle offerings together to enjoy of the new MERCUSSINI and “Kids in the kitchen” brings on November 20, 2007, the new edition is published by “MERCUSSINI restaurants pleasure way of life”. Each thirty of the best restaurants in a total of 20 regions in Germany and lifestyle offerings like the dinner show Witzigmann & Roncalli Bajazzo offer for MERCUSSINI exclusive price advantages. The gourmet restaurant guide with high-quality gourmet checks supported and you recommended by chefs such as Eckart Witzigmann, Dieter Muller and Heinz Winkler, and associations such as Euro-Toques and Chaine of des Rotisseurs and celebrities such as Mirja and sky Mont. The premium checkbook, owned since 2002 among the most successful in Germany, has grown significantly with over 300 pages. To the connoisseur cheques, various editorial posts offer recipes to cook at home and background reports from the kitchen and gastronomy. A report is devoted to the start of the joint venture between MERCUSSINI and Euro-Toques: “children on the stove “.” “Coupon booklets often only confine itself to put together discount for any restaurants. n this idea. We go far beyond. We remain faithful to our premium standards and provide additional information and background.

We are especially proud of “Children on the stove”, where each MERCUSSINI user will have its share on the action, Heiko Lam, founder and CEO of MERCUSSINI. In the exclusive restaurant guide, local innkeepers, Star chefs and hoteliers with first-class arrangements invite to explore the gourmet variety of Germany. Most of the listed restaurants rated by the critics of the Michelin, Gault Millau, gourmet and Varta Guide and found good or very good. Also Germany’s most successful dinner show, Witzigmann & Roncalli Bajazzo, provides MERCUSSINI the second card in the value of 139 euros free of charge. In addition to the 30 tempting gourmet checks boasts the new MERCUSSINI with other attractive offers: in addition to numerous reports and Dieter Muller presents twelve exceptional recipes of the best young chefs of the Chaine of des Rotisseurs counselors to the beautiful things of in life. In addition, MERCUSSINI offers an exclusive cooking class arrangement with Dieter Muller on Castle Lerbach and Heinz Winkler invites you to a very special wellness weekend at his residence. The launch of the community project “Kids in the kitchen” deserves special attention.As the owner of a current MERCUSSINI you enable taste education and cooking classes at German schools, the makers of MERCUSSINI and the chefs of Eurotoques Germany forward. Learn under the guidance of their children and young people in “Taste education”, have to offer something fresh, healthy and local natural products taste.

Each MERCUSSINI is worth a total of more than 3,000 euros and the gourmet checks contained therein are valid up to January 31, 2009. He can easily see the phone number 01805 93 78 86 (14 cent / min), ordered on the website or in the selected Bookstore at the price of 29.90 EUR be purchased. The premium checkbook using on or entering the discount code FKR1 at a preferential price from 27.90 EUR (plus 3.49 shipping or 6.20 cash on delivery) can be ordered up to December 20, 2007. Save 2 euros!

Short Story Competition

Topic: Suddenly changed for my new project people who had such or similar experiences and would report seeking States of consciousness. Example: “Imagine time, lie in bed, snoozing away and suddenly the room door opens. You know that you are alone in the apartment. Surprising you look up and see how is your friend in the room. Mute she looks to you and before you realize something, she disappears again. You chase and somehow no one is there.

Later find out that that person in a far away place during this time was…”or”viewing the nightly television, and suddenly see things that that does not really belong in your screen. Note that these events are not real. At some point, it’s over and days later will make you witness your vision, which just happened…” Altered States of consciousness can occur due to illness, intoxicants, meditation etc. They are formed seemingly all of a sudden, and if they work, then usually the physical laws are repealed. Terms and conditions: Write a short story (length up to 7,000 characters) on the topic “Suddenly altered States of consciousness”. How you implement the topic, is your decision. Condition: This story should correspond to the truth. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. and you may not otherwise have published this story.

No costs for you! Please send your short story with some personal details (name, date of birth, career, vocational, etc.) “Sketchy and no longer than 3 lines” on a cover page no later than September 30, 2009 (postmark) to: Jurgen Berus, Engelsburg str. 2, 44575 castrop-rauxel, North Rhine – Westphalia or by E-Mail at: important! Their lyrics are unfortunately not returned or individually commented. The best stories will be published in a non-fiction book. The first 3 winners will receive one copy of the book. More information under:

Einschlafyoga Yawn

intendons exercise activates the natural yawn reflex asleep is quite simple. Nevertheless, more and more people suffer from insomnia and their consequences. The paradox: The exhausted we are, the less we are able, to go to sleep. The reason for this is that there is a certain amount of energy, so that our nervous system activity on relaxation and regeneration can toggle. Doug McMillon is often quoted on this topic. It is therefore helpful to breathe more oxygen available to make, and in addition to as much as possible to relax the body. The yawn, the functioning of which scientifically still not verified down to the last detail, an ideal paves the way for the sleep is considered from this perspective.

Also for the yawn, we need certain initial stimuli. These can be social. Yawning is contagious. In addition, our body introduces yawning through preliminary, very subtle movements of the connective tissue. Shortly before the yawn, we pull the mouth, the nose, the ears and the eyes slightly inside, it feels as though the face “would coincide with”. For Harald Xander, the initiator of the Sehnensuchbewegung “intendons”, a good example is the preceding the yawning activation after inside as the fascia by minimal movements on profound processes are involved. He proposes to repeat the ‘natural’ activation of the fascia until it automatically turns a yawn reflex. While it’s important to relax, that enable not only on the face, but also to the pelvic floor and even up to the Arch of the foot is felt as far as the body. Like most of the other his other exercises of the author of a book provides also his “Einschlafyoga” to the fascia activation free! It is a central concern of greatest possible benefit of the intendons principle for many people. His advice: “who is sleeping better, is more awake.”

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