Petmano Prior To Its Third Reading

Manfred Hanna is in the Hohenlimburger library comeback to domestic Hagenern climes Hagen, 14.11.09. Petmano, the Hagener author Manfred Hanna, after two novel publications soon before its third reading, where he returned this time in domestic Hagener realms. More information is housed here: Sam Mikulak. After the publication of his “Strassnroibas” in October 2007 and the “late bloomers, fun bird & sports cannons” in February 2009, he already had its second reading on Crete in September. Strassnroibas”is an autobiographical novel about Manfred Schlosser alter ego Danny Kowalski as he traveled decades through the continents during the last 3 half and while experienced all kinds of interesting and exciting adventures, which were flavored with foreign cultures, the respective time story, funny Dodelkes and tingling eroticism. The subtitle of this book is not free: countries love passions.

Late bloomer, fun bird & sports cannons”- from the first kiss to the Woman of dreams: my youth late started… This is the story of Danny Kowalski, who set out to learn the life and love. As Joker and ACE”, he was an early starter, but in love late Manfred Hanna is reminiscent of the 1960s: while 1967 in San Francisco, California, distant, the hippies celebrated themselves, we were amazed just about the summer of love ‘, as he was called shy province Bubis tempting for us. But how do take and not steal…? Because with us in Datteln, OER-Erkenschwick and Recklinghausen, in our Westphalian province was of love & peace’ does not mention…!In California, it assured itself to wear flowers in your hair when you came to San Francisco (If you come to San Francisco, be sure that you wear flowers in your hair…’, Scott McKenzie in 1967 was the rallying cry for the flower power movement). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. However, you assured is with us in Westphalia at most, if no weeds grew… among the flowers in the front yard!” Now its follows third reading on Thursday, the 04.02.2010 18:30, free of charge in the library of Hohenlimburg, Lacey k. str.

14. “” 58119 Hagen-Hohenlimburg (in the Hoesch headquarters): petmano, so the author Manfred Hanna, Strassnroibas – reads from his two novels love passions countries “about his adventurous travels through four continents and late bloomers, fun bird & sports cannons – from the first kiss to the woman of the dreams” about fun and bizarre from the Westphalian province. On the homepage of petmano, alias Manfred Hanna,, Finke, krisengestahlt by the reporting in the Middle East always back returning to Berlin wrote the journalist Ralf: the home page is well done and informative, as it makes browsing fun! “, and Jonathan of the NOZ from Osnabruck: I was already visitors on the website.” There’s really something to see, to read of course. I call that media presence.” Manfred Hanna

Einschlafyoga Yawn

intendons exercise activates the natural yawn reflex asleep is quite simple. Nevertheless, more and more people suffer from insomnia and their consequences. The paradox: The exhausted we are, the less we are able, to go to sleep. The reason for this is that there is a certain amount of energy, so that our nervous system activity on relaxation and regeneration can toggle. Doug McMillon is often quoted on this topic. It is therefore helpful to breathe more oxygen available to make, and in addition to as much as possible to relax the body. The yawn, the functioning of which scientifically still not verified down to the last detail, an ideal paves the way for the sleep is considered from this perspective.

Also for the yawn, we need certain initial stimuli. These can be social. Yawning is contagious. In addition, our body introduces yawning through preliminary, very subtle movements of the connective tissue. Shortly before the yawn, we pull the mouth, the nose, the ears and the eyes slightly inside, it feels as though the face “would coincide with”. For Harald Xander, the initiator of the Sehnensuchbewegung “intendons”, a good example is the preceding the yawning activation after inside as the fascia by minimal movements on profound processes are involved. He proposes to repeat the ‘natural’ activation of the fascia until it automatically turns a yawn reflex. While it’s important to relax, that enable not only on the face, but also to the pelvic floor and even up to the Arch of the foot is felt as far as the body. Like most of the other his other exercises of the author of a book provides also his “Einschlafyoga” to the fascia activation free! It is a central concern of greatest possible benefit of the intendons principle for many people. His advice: “who is sleeping better, is more awake.”

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