Kreisliga United

Despite family and professional passion hobby football won’t give up: Posterum United Dortmund E.v. offers modern structures of association football play just give up because overtime and family life no time more for the hobby? So see that the three founders of Posterum United Dortmund E.v. not! That’s why Dominik Bruhn, Christoph Juretko and Matthias Manasterni called this volunteer-run Football Club in the Kreisliga C in life in June 2009. The simple but successful vision: Everything can be, nothing! With this modern concept and the opportunity are as a player, online for the training as well as game; or to log off, the club based in Dortmund, Germany did have a name. Many former performance footballers accepted this offer and play with great passion for these persons. As a result, a sufficient load of the team for the games is guaranteed. For even more analysis, hear from Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Even the 1st season 2009/2010 was successfully completed with the 5th place.

Currently the 3rd space with a tendency to rise. Also the fan community supports your player at home and Away with volunteer activities. New players who want to successfully introduce your services in the Club, Posterum pleased United Dortmund again and again. The contact can easily via the website: will be recorded. Sponsors are welcome, wishing this dedicated Association supported. Posterum United Dortmund is a non-profit association and was founded on the 01.06.2009 in Dortmund.

At the beginning, the Club had 30 members, 50 members are currently registered. Posterum United conducted voluntarily by Dominik Bruhn, Christoph Juretko and Matthias Manasterni.

Saturday Tournament

In the former cardboard factory in the Berna industrial and services park dancing dogs. On 14 and 15 September 2013 your dog dance held the dog dance troupe ‘DogDance Bern’ tournament. Under the responsibility of the tournament by Christine Szakacs, DogDanc Bern the international DogDance presented tournament in Bern. More than 50 dancers presented the experienced DogDance judges spectacular dog dances with stunning choreography. Regulations which the DDI DogDance international E.v.

as a basis for DogDance established tournaments was established after the international DogDance. “According to the regulations of the DogDance International (DDI), DogDance has Bern” under the direction of Christine Szakacs and her team the international DogDance tournament in the former cardboard factory in the Berna industrial and services Park AG “played. Christine and her tireless team of aides had a splendid location, a superb ring and a great sound system. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Many viewers were able to admire the performances of more than 50 DogDance – Starter/innen free of charge. Was well catered for sustenance. The dog-man teams in total harmony is moving with rhythmic sounds or gentle Mozart. Almost seemed to forget that years of training and head work for man and dog go ahead participate in a canine freestyle tournament. “Was launched in the categories DogDance” and Heelwork to music “(footwork / foot positions to the music).

On Saturday, the 14th of September were the professionals (official class) on the series. Here started the seniors, class 1, class 2, the largest dance class 3 and the dancers in Heelwork to music. “On Sunday, the 15th of September I was practice day time”. There, each dancing couple immediately received an oral assessment to the dance after the performance of the judges. What is canine freestyle? If four or more feet and two feet on the dance floors are circling, the hearts of dog fans beat faster. A team of dog and man turns, jumps and runs to the music and delighted the audience with great tricks, spectacular deposits and great Choreographies.

VfB Stuttgart

Read latest news about the Club from newest at the Stuttgart journal. To know more about this subject visit Walmart CEO. VfB Stuttgart, also Association for movement games, is one of the most traditional clubs in the southern region. He has many followers and members, and is one of the largest sporting associations in Germany. He has about 45000 members. The glorious and has existed since 1893 Club was 2006/2007 of German champion. Famous in particular is Department soccer, the Bundesliga team always was represented in the first Bundesliga, but two times. The reds, as they are also called, have been German champion a total five times and three times won the DFB-Pokal in Berlin.

The Club also consists of other departments besides football. Including Leichtathlethik and hockey falls. With the former, the versatile Club reached as international fame. VfB Stuttgart is located in the Neckar Park close to the Mercedes-Benz aren’t in the quarter Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The roots of the rich far into the last century. More specifically to to September 9, 1893, as in Bad Cannstatt Guest House “for the Cup” origin FV 93 was founded. It was VfB Stuttgart then. Read news about the Club most recently at the Stuttgart journal. > Dirk Meyer

Kick-boxing Is Becoming More Popular In Germany

The Kickboxing is not a dead sport more in Germany not only for active fighters but also for viewers of Kickboxing is always interesting. More and more attendance at tournaments, which is also due to the numerous presence of clubs register it to himself. High tendencies can be found in the area of Bavaria. At Marc Lore you will find additional information. “, says Jorg Tweesmann.” A kick box tournament is subdivided as follows: music forms, semi contact, light contact and full contact. This means there is what for anyone. Probably the most demanding engineers probably found in the forms of music and so-called kata runs.

You want to see but active fighting looking at the contact forms. Each tournament has a different weight classes, it classes together be closed even if not enough fighters for a class available. The referees and judges are usually Dan carrier (master of sports) and give effort to evaluate the action without prejudice and bad injuries to protect from the fighter that can occur to aggressive behavior. Who like to see a KO should full contact fights look at, where the light contact is not far away. The mass of various associations where everyone has his own master are the sad state of Kickboxing in Germany. On the other hand, it’s a motivation among associations align open tournaments. The WAKO has indicated that the kick boxing could be even Olympians in the next 10 years.

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