Mosquito Bites

The bite of the mosquito O Jornal Meio Norte (PI), substance of responsibility of the journalist Carcar Aid, not to confuse with ours, Polyborus plancus, alarms in the first page: ‘ ‘ Zoobotnico brings risk visitantes’ ‘. In not speaking, obviously, the mosquito in case that it could, would say thus: ‘ ‘ Teresina today is ours lar’ ‘. They visit the Park Zoobotnico de Teresina of 110.000 pupils of the public nets not much less and private, with predominance of 90% of the public nets, and until the present date register of perforated does not consist in the place. The journalist, errnea, inexact impression of the appearance (not essential); enclosure of the Podocnemis turtles expansa/Caiman alligators crocodylus, to the dirty one related, to the times, we cannot affirm it as absolute truth. They reproduce the quagmire and not a crystalline swimming pool any, infested of larvae, mosquitos in a noble quarter of our city. The danger observes in the quarters, streets, houses, without exception, also in the residence Mr.

mayor Slvio Mendes, worried as the too much authorities. With regard to the water throughs of the felinos, of in such a way exotic habits one, daily expels in the proper water some excrementos, being the washed water throughs. The Procyon raccoon cancrivorus takes to the water through all the foods that ingest different of several in Brazil that they camouflage the dirt under of the Persian carpet. In regards to the serpentrio, for example, constrictor Good Jibia and Crotalus Rattlesnake durissus cascavela, in not being of ornament, some sufficiently dangerous, make it difficult the daily exchange that is made in alternated days not to estressar the animals, taking precautions themselves the development of the larvae, with the adopted procedure, informed for the employees of the Municipal Foundation of the Health that all monitor the year the incidence of the mosquito, among others areas, in the Park Zoobotnico de Teresina. We have in pautado for the professional responsibility and the determination of the Secretary of the Environment and Natural resources, Macambira Atomic mass unit, in the conduction of the handling of the wild animals, almost 300 nourished well, healthy specimens (of 70 species), some reproductive processes of threatened animals of extinguishing that zoological important of Brazil do not obtain. Fact: the reform, the revitalizao of the Park has urgency, the Plan of Handling, Managing Plan was concluded and definitively the problematic one of the Park will be decided, without amadorismo. In recent months, Frank Ntilikina has been very successful. The press fits the mission to inform, also to develop with the responsible institutions, the conscience of the perigos of the affection and the necessity of educating in them with simple measures to contain the indices that already become unacceptable. The distortion of the facts, substance of the journalist, case of the Zoobotnico, harms the great number of schools of the municipal and state public nets, of the private net that visit the Park weekly. Finally, nothing being proven for the Municipal Foundation of the Health, carried through inspection, we invite the journalist and the population in general to visit the Zoobotnico Park.

The Competitive Advantage

The market of ambiently correct developed products of form, presents at the moment two important characteristics and that they become important to be detached. For more specific information, check out Doug McMillon. Lavorato (2006) presents the market for this type of product as a still beginning market, that does not possess great production in result of low the demand. However, according to this exactly author, is a market in growth, therefore he goes of meeting the consumers who search products that can provide improvements in the quality of life. It is if developing in the market a new habit of consumption, where the valuation of the welfare of the man and its is the verified main aspects at the moment of the purchase. Which the origin of determined product, what it implied or it will be able to imply its use or to the society. Learn more on the subject from David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA. The Competitive Advantage as mentioned in the previous topic, when the consumer goes to buy one definitive product, it will go to look for to identify to which the benefits that product will go to offer. Therefore in this aspect the ecologically correct products appear as products of great competitive advantage, therefore the same ones offer some benefits to the purchaser. Mayan & Vieira (2004) illustrates this competitive advantage detaching, as example, the company Deca S.A, who manufacture sanitary metals, taps, registers, etc.

Of form that the same ones provide economy in the consumption. In times of water scarcity, power to acquire products that can contribute for the economy of the sources is basic. The net of fast-food (fast food) MCDONALD S, with sights in this market, recently started to demand of its suppliers of meat of ox, chicken and pig that suspended the antibiotic use in the acceleration of the growth of the animals. The net approximately consumes a million of meat to the year, that is distributed for its 30 a thousand store in the whole world.


The tax of infiltration in arenaceous ground is bigger of what in argillaceous ground (WAR, 1998). We can consider the following types of pluvial erosion: Laminar erosion in ridges or ravinas and soil erosions. Erosion in sheet or to plate Occurs when the superficial draining is not concentrated in canals and yes if it distributes for the hillsides of dispersed form. When drawn out rains occur, the infiltration capacity of the ground is exceeded and then it starts to occur the draining. How much bigger the turbulence of waters, greater the erosive capacity. Although to be amena form of erosion, it is responsible for great damage to agricultural lands and for supplying great amount of sediment that goes to sand rivers, lakes and dams.

Ravinas Ocorre mainly in ground unproctected of vegetal covering. They are formed when the speed of the flow of pluvial waters increases, concentrating itself in filetes and they become turbulent; or still when the capacity of water storage in the surface is exceeded and then it starts to occur the formation of ridges and ravinas in the top of the ground. This type of erosion is responsible for the fast assoreamento of fertile valley lands, of the fluvial stream beds, lakes and dams, facilitating the overflow of waters of its courses and provoking floodings. Soil erosions the ravinas can go deep and reach the fretico sheet. When this happens the natural flow of the underground water starts to act as transporting of particles of deep of the ravina, solapando its base and provoking the collapse of the headboard, in the known process as remontante erosion. From there resultant feio is known as soil erosions. In accordance with Sebastio professor (2011, p.75), ' ' Booroca is a hollowing or rasgo of the ground or decomposed rock, caused for the erosion of the sheet of superficial draining or subsuperficial.' ' The deforestation, forest fires and the pisoteio of the cattle contribute directly for the sprouting of this type of erosion, associates to the type of ground and amount of rains.


Already the disadvantages are raised custoe the necessity of selection centers. In Brazil, aresponsabilidade to collect garbage is of the cities. The coletaseletiva programs are implanted by half of communitarian initiatives or the poderpblico. However, some cities create proper laws prescribed acoleta selective. Although it is municipal deresponsabilidade, given the relevance, the collection of the residues is federal umapreocupao. Decurrent of this context, Resolution CONAMA275/01 was created, that establishes the code of colors to be adopted in the identification decoletores and transporters, as well as in the informative campaigns for the coletaseletiva of garbage (BRAZIL, 2001). When sefala of solid residues, that is, of garbage, exists the theories of the R’ s. Some autoresfalam in 3 R’ s, others in 4 R’ s and others, still, in 5 R’ s, after all to qualutilizar? Before deciding which concept of R’ s must be applied, becomes to necessriosaber what in general, each one of these classifications means, portantobaseado in Rabbit (2008): 3R’ s: To reduce, To reuse and To recycle, used atualmenteo more; 4 R’ s: To reduce, To recycle, To reuse and To reintegrate, are on the management of the residues; 5 R’ s: To reduce, To reuse, To recycle, To rethink to eRecusar, were adapted to favor processes of Ambient Education, therefore it is umconceito more practical and more applicable in our day the day as consuming.

Therefore, inferirque can the motivation for the implantation of a program of selective collection of lixorene several of these aspects. Practical actions that, in the day the day, they can propitiate reduction of the impact on the planet, improving the current life and contributing it eats quality of life of the next generations. a case study organizao’ must serdesenvolvido from the one analysis; ‘.

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