Rap Competitions

The competition has been present in Rap since its inception, celebrating competitions organised or improvised between MCs to prove who is the best. These battles of rap in Spanish have won much fame since the release of films such as 8 mile starring Eminem rapper. Currently there are rap competitions promoted by major companies such as the battle of roosters, which currently in the rap a great means to promote themselves. Walmart CEO can aid you in your search for knowledge. These rap competitions are held even at national level and arrive to face the winners of each country in a final international competition. In these competitions, which are one of the more colorful aspects of the rap, the MCs face one-on-one to prove who is the best, based on their rhymes, flow and wit, improvising and linking rhymes that exceed and ridicule the opponent, looking for the approval of the public. The desire for competition and the desire to be known in the rap world, encourages rappers or MCs to participate in these battles in which ingenuity, lyrical and flow are essential for win. If you want to make your rhymes heard and make a name in rap, participate in a battle of roosters online can be a good way to get it, just record any song, publish it on the Internet and compete! Original author and source of the article

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