Early Years Of Marriage

In – the first years of life together, I could not understand, because of what all the hype around the flowers, and now gladly I give flowers to my wife, she was so happy! How can I now deny myself the pleasure to stay a hero and a getter, uh, do not wait. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michael J. Bender has to say. In general, explore the masculine logic and how to tame a man and your man did not understand how to begin to look more for you, and then indulge. 3. Dogs love all sorts of toys, especially for that you can run and hunt, etc. Men also love to play all sorts of games and toys, for which, or with which you can run and hunt. Many of the men's game for women are: "Well, just this stupid!". After all, many of them men do to each other is very painful (Boxing, hockey), or do what can be done much easier and cheaper, fishing, for example. Or do such "meaningless" things, like lifting the bar there – here, or throw out his hands and feet with a cry of "yayayaya." – I understand that.

However, I beg you, be softer to the men. No games dogs and men quickly grow old, tupeyut become very boring, fat and lose interest in life and its only woman. Therefore, do not disturb the male games. Better if she encourages them. Well, I'm not talking about if she is interested in them and even a bit part in them. This woman is immediately a few points higher than other women.

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