Moving Boxes And Bubble Wrap To Protect

In the cold winter months, there is every year the same question: How do you get the flower pots that have to stay outside in the cold through the winter? The solution to the problem is as simple as favorable. Wrap the pot with a bubble wrap to the potting soil and thus to isolate all the roots. At night, you should wrap the entire flower. To protect the flowers from damage, for example, by bending, we recommend to stick with just two bars a framework for the protection of the flowers in the ground. You may wish to learn more. If so, Marc Lore is the place to go. The rods hold the bubble wrap at sufficient distance to the flower. It is important to ensure that the plant as little as possible, preferably even has no direct contact with the bubble wrap. During the day, it is important to remove the bubble wrap to prevent the development of moisture under the film. Frost and cold is only one thing before you sometimes need to protect your plants.

For example, when moving your plants need a secure transport protection. Bubble wrap is suitable in that regard as well, as for insulation in the cold. Usually it is not enough to make the plants packed in bubble wrap in the removal truck, as there are often very tight. Smaller plants can be easily accommodated in moving boxes. Depending on size, for the protection of larger plants in a clothes box. Clothes boxes actually created for the transport of hanging clothes on parade. With a standard size of 130 60×50 cm, a clothes box, however, is just as good protection especially for the transport of large plants. With a removable lid may be the plant even in between happy with something light.

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