A Compulsory Question

In our life we have to ask ourselves a series of really important questions, but the truth is any more important than others. There are even that reach the mandatory category. What is the meaning of life, at least in our life? So we are here? Do really I feel good with the current I that I am playing? These are some of those questions to which we referred moments before. Usually takes long time to find the answer but the truth is that it is worth. We have a power that lies asleep in our interior. As we go striving the power of the mind will strengthen and the maturation of this is one of the major objectives.

A sample of the obvious need to delve into these issues can be seen in the constant and increasingly widespread phrase stress. This phenomenon is no coincidence. It comes with such excessive materialistic mentality that prevails in our days. And it is not that this is important, it is not much, but it is also secondary. Matter is nothing more than an instrument for help us to reach higher levels of ourselves and to confuse her with the goal we never without realizing in an internal struggle that gets us nowhere, or better said, leads to self-destruction and vacuum. I believe that humanity must take action and at least thinking seriously about this topic. Our children need a mature education, worthy of responsible and caring parents and unfortunately is not this what we are seeing. This and many others are results of apathy and accommodation to mediocrity. Take your time, meditate on these issues and will know that there, in our minds all the answers already.

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