Christian Kjaer

Spain broke records in Europe to increase its wind capacity in 3.522 MW (megawatts), 41 per cent of the total (8.554 MW) who settled in the EU, as a whole their capacity increased 18 percent. Spain as before did Germany and Denmark has taken the leadership, said in a statement the executive director of the EWEA, Christian Kjaer. By the same author: NFL. With the increase registered last year, 10 percent of the electricity generated in Spain comes from wind, according to the EWEA. Spain, with 15.145 MW, is the second country, after Germany, with more wind capacity available in the EU, area that has a total capacity of 56.535 MW, covering the 3.7 per cent of the energy demand of the 27 Member States. Almost 190,000 jobs. Renewable energies in Spain the sector of renewable energies has around a thousand of companies in Spain that employs 188,000 people, between direct jobs (89,000 workers) and indirect (99,000), according to the reference centre ISTAs-CCOO. The study estimated at sixteen years the average age of the sector. In fact, one-third of the companies has been created from 2000.

The Spanish company Gamesa and Vestas the Danish were ranked last year in the first and second place, respectively, in the list of leading manufacturers of wind turbines for the Spanish market, announced yesterday the wind power Business Association (ESA). Gamesa installed 1,670 MW, almost half of the 3.522 MW of wind power in Spain during 2007, and more than double the 700 MW in the previous year. After doubling its rate of supply of wind turbines, the Basque manufacturer attributed 48,63% of the accumulated power, aside from 8,43% of its subsidiary Made.

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