A General Idea Of Laptops

General idea oChto a laptop? Laptop (from the English. Notebook – notebook PC) – a portable personal computer, in the case which combined the typical pc components, including display, keyboard and battery battery. Laptops running on battery power, but there is also a possibility to work and through adapters that charge a laptop battery. Compact computers that contain all the necessary components (including monitor) in a single small case, and usually emerging in the form of books. Adapted to work on the road, a small free space. To achieve the small sizes they use special technology: specifically developed by specialized circuits (ASIC), memory and hard drives of reduced size, compact keyboard that does not contain digital field, the external power supply, a minimum of expansion slots.

Usually contain developed means of connecting to wired and wireless networks, embedded multimedia equipment (speakers, the microphone and web camera). In recent years computing power laptops are not far behind a stationary pc, and sometimes exceeds them. Very compact models do not include cd / DVD-drive. Through special docks laptops can become a desktop PC: inserting the laptop into a dock, the user connects to computer devices, laptop external large screen, full-sized keyboard, mouse, speakers, and connectivity ports. What are the laptops? oV first notebooks are distinguished by their size. Laptops differ little size and weight, battery life of laptops varies from 1 to 8.6 hours. Netbook (from angl.netbook) – a small notebook, intended for Internet access and work with office applications. Netbooks differ compact size (10.7 inch diagonal screen or 17,8-25,4 cm), low weight, low power consumption and relatively low cost.

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