Social Banditry

Cangao: social banditry that occurred in the hinterland 1870 northeastern up to 1940; skeleton, remaining portions. Capoeira: Brazilian athletical game afro, comes of kapuila, that in imbundo it means, slap, to spank hinterland the lathe is used as it kills closed. Caruru: common name to some cultivated invading plants De Campos, of which if they consume flavorful and nutritional leves. Captive: That one that, having been captured not yet was acquired by one gentleman. The captive is a merchandise that, compadre becomes ' ' escravo' ' preio of production and property. Cafund: Remaining community of quilombo in the SP state; of Dimbundo language kA- nfund place moved away and from difficult access. Coconut: Dance and song origin northeastern banta.

Cango: Of tropnimo kango that drift of the name of the African river, comes of kikongo dikongo, wants to say due, tribute. Corcunda: abnormal lump in the back or deformity of the vertebral column Musical instrument: Musical instrument where if it pressures the leather to draw out the sound. Curinga: letter of baralho that it can substitute and assumer the value of any another one. Cangado: Dramatical dance of origin of the Angolan field. Dend: of quimbondo ndnde, palm, fruit of the dendenzeiro, oil of the coconut of this Dengo palm: faceirice, requebro, morning, way affected of speaking.

Slave: Captive acquired for one Sir and that he serves as hand of gratuitous workmanship. In the same way that he was acquired by means of purchase, can also be vendido by the intended owner. Fu: fuxico, intrigues, conflict, fight. Fub: flour of maize or rice for culinrio use. Fubana: evil woman, girl crosspiece. Furduno: commotion, would cry out Fuxico: fofoca, intrigues Gangorra: primitive device of sugar cane-of-sugar, manual, formed for two coils wooden with vertical esteios; bar supported transversally on another one and that the weight oscillates in in agreement vertical line that sepe in each extremity.

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