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Also self-employed persons can get EM pension. Who is partially incapacitated for work will receive now the half-euro pension that corresponds to the previous BU pension in principle, so as to deserve is intended. Who is not employable in the labour market (however now without job protection) will continue to be the full EM pension (in the old law the incapacity for work pension) get. EM pensions are temporary until times always issued, for 3 years. If after 9 years shows that the earning capacity may be unrecoverable, perpetual EM pensions are paid. For more clarity and thought, follow up with ecommerce and gain more knowledge.. It applies the principle of rehabilitation before pension “it must be checked always first of all, whether there are not reasonable rehabilitation measures that restore the earning capacity can. General requirement for obtaining EM pension: it must be been accumulated in the last 5 years prior to the introduction of the incapacity of 3 years compulsory contributions and prior of disability be met a waiting period of 5 years.

Accidents at work and occupational diseases this waiting time does not apply Here accident pensions of the professional associations are then usually already made, then correspondingly allocated on EM pensions. Reading through all these points, can, give the impression that one is quite State sufficiently secured. This is a fallacy. Considering the average EM pension at the end of 2003, these were: 777 EURO for men and 640 EURO women. The need-oriented basic protection is already less than 640.-EURO.

It is therefore to be expected, that further declining pension level of statutory pensions in the future more and more people receive the EM pension also benefits from the demand-oriented basic protection must apply. Disability and disability in the private insurance the Team Turk insurance recommends therefore primarily all persons who are born after the 01.01.1961, to fill this gap through a private disability insurance. The life insurers are providers of private disability insurance.

Euro Comprehensive

More deductible is so limited and more savings. Explain pricing can be with the practice of the claims at the motor insurers. The excess of the clients a large cost factor eliminates the insurers: frequently small damage such as dents or paint scratches the insured carries up to the agreed amount itself. By the fact that the bulk of such minor damage is covered by the deductible, the insurer can save lots of money. A number of direct insurers offered generally no comprehensive rates without excess and requires at least a certain power of customers in the event of a claim. The premium by the excess to several hundred euro tariff characteristic can vary depending on the insurance company in the year.

So a new car buyer will pay *, for example, at the Europe insurance for comprehensive insurance without excess around 494 euro per year. He chooses a low deductible of 300/150, however, the 296 euro costs a cost savings by almost 200 euros. The vehicle owner raised 500/300 euro, its excess contribution of his full insurance on only 260 euro sinks. Similarly, in the partial cover insurance: HUK-Coburg insurance giant reduces the annual fee for a car driver * 135 on 81 euros, if he chooses a deductible of 150 euro. However, he chooses a deductible of 300, so he pays in the year still 66 euro. With views of the autumn and the upcoming Wechselsaison experts of for a general comparison of insurance advise. So, up to 50 percent of the annual cost can be saved by switching to a cheap car insurance. * Upon completion of a full insurance, the partial cover insurance is automatically included. For full and hull damage of part of, the policyholder chooses two separate excesses. The motor insurer set their individual deductible levels for the full insurance with the help of GDV calculation basic statistics, so for example 300 Euro Comprehensive – and 150 euros for hull damage of part of.


and Mrs. Maier have paid rent already about 340,000 euros until now. For that money, you get a very ordinary 4-room flat in most regions in Germany! The frightening this number is but not that Mr. and Mrs. Maier easily for this money right large apartment had to buy, but that they will continue to pay rent in the future. Tend to be even more than before. Mr. and Mrs.

Schmidt, however, have paid monthly slightly more over the last 30 years as Mr. and Mrs. Maier, proud owner of a 4-room apartment paid off are now just in time for the pension. This means that they must pay rent ever again. Also they can inherit their children a real estate which is still neatly put in time with the highest likelihood value.

Of the 3-room apartment in the 200 m Villa? A very important mission statement should be mentioned here: buy only the property, you could also rent! Many people who are hard pressed with the decision for their own property, justify this with sentences as if I buy something, but then, what neat please!”or I buy but no 3-room apartment!”. ” But exactly this is fatal. If a worker with an average income of 2,500 Euro gross in a 70 sq m apartment for rent for 600 euro rent lives, so he will afford no semi-detached house with 150 sqm of living space in its current situation. But is it bad? Rather he should buy the apartment he now rents, instead of 65 years still on the right”to wait only to be disappointed to know that you will never get a big house like a for the same money real estate 70 square meter apartment. Therefore: rather with free live in a perhaps slightly smaller apartment than every month anyway too low pension at the age must pay even rent! The own four walls offer clearance home ownership is the probably most effective and at the same time most beautiful kind of pensions. Besides the fact that you pay each month into your own pocket as apartment or house owner instead of to the landlord’s own real estate offers also the freedom to design the home according to your needs, a rental property usually does not. You want the attic Expand their house? Then you just do it. You want different tiles of the bathroom and replace the tub? No one will hold you as the owner thereof except maybe you / s partner. In own home or the home you invested too much prefer something more money than in a rented apartment it is still someone else. To avoid conclusion to the poverty in old age and to their own quality of life also in the long period before the pension significantly increasing, every one of us should consider thoroughly, if and when the desire for the own residential property is feasible.

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