Wolfshundin Naaja

Also Tanja Askani told about whether Attraction for wolves are necessary and why she took the Wolfshundin Naaja from Canada in the year 2010 and previously for many years it struggled to do that. Here the interview with Tanja Askani: you look in the eyes of a Wolf, you look into your own soul. Is the motto of Mystic wolves. Our landmark is the Wolf: because we Wolf fans are. Sure, as curious and always ear being, if someone else about wolves well knows someone, how the Wolf expert Tanja Askani, who since the late of 1990s in the Luneburg Heath Wildlife Park raising several wolves and trusts together live with these animals.

We are very pleased to that Tanja Askani took the time for an interview with us. Luneburg Heath began in 1990 as Falconer in the Wildlife Park. When was your first encounter with wolves and how it happened, that you now have a whole Wolf enclosure? In 1992 the first time I had the Wolf puppies Cheenook in the arm, the spark jumped over, and it was clear that I as well as my Activity as a Falconer to the wolves in the wild Park wanted to take care of. The topic wouldn’t let me go. In my spare time, I visited various Wolf enclosure, contacted other wildlife parks and Wolf experts, to learn from them. The plan was to operate a Wolf enclosure in Luneburg.

Which realized himself then much faster than planned. In the Luneburg Heath Wildlife Park got a Wolf boy. At birth, both they and their puppies died so it initially seemed. Rescue the animals, we realized that a young very weak breathing: flake. This was my first Wolf Cub, I should take with me garden, because the Wolf enclosure in Luneburg was still not. How do you raise a Wolf Cub? How is this going on? That is individual for each wild boy, because each animal has its own personality, and so I decide that getting into interaction with the animal.

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