Somebody Special

One to look at stranger, a different smile. It lacks that one to me I hug, that exactly being so brief it made, me happy. Our moments of histories, when we heard intently to that counted to us. The fears, the joys, the few words, were disciparam for the hurts pronounced for the time. Being so pertos, but so distant. I know that everything that we wanted was to be able to be together, everything that we wanted was to simply be able to come back to be as before, abetters and friends. when eye for the gift I have the anguish of who does not obtain to say what it feels.

The feelings are imprisoned, chained for the repression to the one that I submitted myself. As many tears want to leave a soul that is abated, and that of as much sadness, already it does not obtain to cry. The committed errors, for the impurity of us, human beings, had made to move away them, and to stop the relation that, of my will, would be perpetual. The repentance takes account of the being that of in such a way feeling to it does not obtain to excuse itself. To look in your eyes, I do not obtain, because I know that its magnificent one cursed does not make you to enxergar what indeed it is transferred. I know that the error is not alone of one, but of all. But the rightness also is of all.

The members of our body are dismissed of itself, moved away for the absence of the understanding of the direction of our union. Already you do not have me as princesinha of the brightness of its eyes. That enchantment and that pride that you felt for me, had been broken, because you did not accept that I am also nomadic pecadora, why you idealized the perfect hierarchy, where one only can be pardoned. The responsibility that you have with the life enfada, you makes and you still more incompressible. To be that it does not tolerate the ignorance of its, but that for itself, if it makes ignorant. You are the brain that commands the body all, but not if of the account of the character cancer that in little, can kill to it. However, you are commander who takes care of and co-ordinates its exercises of descendants. You are the root that insurance the trunk of the flowery tree, that generated the living fruits. We do not choose to be in this world, nor neither to pass for the obstacles that provide in them. I know that everything that we want is to be together, is to be able to come back to the old times. Everything that wanted was to be able to look in its eyes, and to say that everything that we made was not for badness, it was human consequence of our experiences of our desires and instincts. We wanted to accept that nothing it moved, that in the deep one, still we are the old accompanying abetters and. We are distant, but so next partners in the love and pain, partners. We wanted to assume the feeling in common that still it exists between us. Everything that I wanted was to obtain to say I love that you, father.

The Secret Of The Friendship

When child we brincavamos and let us laugh at everything, we do not tinhamos secrets; We were happy, we were friends; But the springs if had been and together the friends. In the school we estudavamos together, everything that one wise person the other had learned; We were happy, we were friends; But the summers if had been and together the friends. When adolescent we lose our innocence together; We were happy, we were friends; But the autumns if had been and together the friends. If you would like to know more about CEO of e-commerce , then click here. When adult we pescavamos and we bebiamos together, ahead of the days and the nights; We were happy, we were samigos; But the winters if had been and together the friends. In my seated oldness only, they came and they went the souvenirs, While the my only faithful friend acariciava for the ones of; It was then that I perceived, what is a friend; The pleasure of a friend and to sit down together, without saying nothing, and continuing friend. I silence in it of my hollow was then that I found God! Therefore it had learned in silence to be with my friend..

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