Frigate Birds

On it sticks idle people, brightly dressed. By evening, gentlemen in some swimming trunks and ladies pareos and bikinis became smaller, the crowd becomes smart and kinda looking for what would be fun. Wandering along the waterfront is an important camel wearing a tie. Check with Marc Lore to learn more. I still want him to be photographed, but I am afraid that he would spit at me. Quay is full of human and animal life: the beckoning photographers with monkeys parrots, crocodiles, snakes, even with the black Africans that such leaders. They sit in rows artists: portraits draw, temporary tattoo will make even raspishut artistic nails.

Here you can buy a seascape by round pebbles or Souvenir from leaf mussels. At the end of the promenade – are actively functioning seaport. From here you can sail to Turkey, the Crimea, you can simply order a night walk on the sea. Or day. At night the promenade is filled with lights and music. Can be seen sailing in it restaurant Frigate – sails lowered, leaving only the gear that light up at dusk with lights from afar it seems that the ship on fire.

Numerous shops under the guise of the darkness sell beach supplies, all resort bullshit and fight more than they should. At Seaport – entertaining town with a carousel and "good shots", but here bungee for desperate: you are attached to two ropes, then they pull you and sharply lowered, and you hang out in the air. It is noticed that the girls on the bungee squeal less than the guys. But the best time in Sochi – the sunset. The sun increases, it becomes a huge and dull-red, long hanging over horizon, and then suddenly falls for him. In the woods or in the country hear from sunset to instantly fall silent all the birds, if they shut down. Then the birds of the night, silent, there is an owl. And in her eyes reveals flowers lunotsveta. On the waterfront of birds can not be heard here on the one hand rattles disco, with the other cast in karaoke: "Ka-ak upoi-and-and-state in Russia in the evening-a!" A Sochi, gentlemen – this is also Russia.

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