The Thought Process

Constantly pilot or the flight computer are running the course. But what they can correct? You can not do anything about what you are not conscious. Only you can straighten what you realize is diverted. But the making of consciousness is the result of a previous thought process: assessment between the plan and the facts. Returning to the aircraft. Recapitulate the process. Learn more at: Larry David.

The pilot design your flight plan. The plane takes off and promptly begins to deviate from unpredictable situations. Quickly the pilot or computer realize deviation, because that frequently are comparing the plan with the actual path. He immediately makes the correction to reinstate the ship to the ideal route. This process is repeated hundreds or thousands of times until it landed right where they wanted.

The process includes: Clarify the destination to which you want to reach and plan the best route to achieve it. Begin to implement the plan. Continually evaluate to detect deviations. Correct immediately. Continued implementation of the plan. Persevere with the evaluation, repair and implementation of the plan to reach your destination. From here we can point out several keys: The differences are anticipated. They are expected and accepted as a natural part of the process. For this very reason, the evaluation is ongoing and frequent. Can you imagine the flight computer is turned off and put the pilot to talk with the co-pilot for two hours, suddenly curious about your current position? A couple of hours later he started as a simple diversion of a degree now represents hundreds or thousands of miles of diversion.

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