Art Deco Is All The Rage

Refused to go home and after a brief period of study in Lausanne is left to live with his grandmother in Petrograd where at 18 she married the lawyer Tadeusz Lempicki and this is a crucial point in his life since few years later and amid the maelstrom of the Russian Revolution her husband is arrested and after much effort obtained her release Tamara giving him a halo of heroin in which she tasty wrap. After the liberation travel to Copenhagen and soon after to Paris, where her daughter was born installed and Kizette, in this early period is when Tamara Paris began a formal education in painting, studying under the guidance of Maurice Denis and Andre Lothe.

Despite the vicissitudes of life Tamara maintains economic status, reinforced by the sale of his early paintings, it allows a very loose lifestyle (which would be the sign of his life) and that will allow you to make numerous trips Europe in the company of high society in contrast to its close association with the bohemian Paris, at that time of great characters who would make history in many areas such as Cocteau and Picasso. With his style clearly defined and framed in the Art Deco, in the 20s, participated in exhibitions that open the doors of the world, so to speak, making spaces for the diffusion of themselves and their work in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar. In this decade, major events happen in your life: you move a season to Italy where he also presented his works in exhibitions maintains relations with the playwright Gabrielle D’Notice that even though it lasts only three short years will leave deep emotional marks, also in those years achieved significant recognition by winning awards and recognition in notorious Bordeaux and Poznan also realize their divorce in 1928 Tadeus.

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