The Term

It is a diffused malaise, a spiritual pain that could be physical, is a dissatisfaction with oneself, a reproach from the deepest, is like a bite in the heart. Resentment occurs in comparison with others, by repressed and helplessly vindictive envy. Remorse is an individual, gives to his own conscience. Remorse is produced by the perception of having hurt or betrayed to another. In our time should be considered a strong rejection of guilt, for guilt, proclaiming an original innocence; but this feeling is reborn in another way in remorse masquerading as a malaise that can be called cultural. Although alone and come to think it is not responsible for any fault, or is the fault of society, or the constraints of the body etc. Remorse indicates a dysfunction accepted or not. The reality is that this feeling occurs more or less camouflaged, when there is a guilt objectively.

The term remorse is graphic because it expresses the pain of a bite inside, similar to how an animal wild to not loose your dam causing pain, though no death… We are reminded, in the mid 19th century, Manzoni left a fine psychological description of remorse in his characterization of the Ignominato, the Knight without name of I promessi sposi: already some time ago that their misdeeds caused you, if not remorse, at least some officious uneasiness. The many preserved agglomerated in his memory, rather that on his conscience, presented you vividly to commit a new evil, seeming extremely uncomfortable his memory, and overwhelming it your excessive number, as if each insomuch over his heart the previous weight. I already started to feel again that revulsion he experienced to commit early offences, and which expired later, it was no longer bothers him for many years. But if in earlier times the idea of an indefinite future and a long and vigorous life filled its mood of an unthinking confidence, now by the contrary, consideration of the future was that featured him nastier past.

Keep Life

This helps to maintain the activity of cells, their discharge. Also, do not go the limit and there is too little. 4, the Council: the menu should be age appropriate. Liver and nuts help 30-year-old women to slow down the appearance of first wrinkles. Contained in the kidney and cheese selenium is useful for men after age 40, he contributes to dilution stress. After 50 years, requires magnesium, which keeps the heart-shaped and useful for bone calcium, and fish will help protect the heart and blood vessels. 5 Tip: Keep all your opinion.

Conscious life as little as possible to help depressed and being depressed. 6, the Council: longer keep a youth help love and tenderness, so find a mate. Strengthen the immune system contributes to happiness hormones (endorphins), which is produced by the body when a person is in love. 7 Board: sleep better in a cool room (at temperature of 17-18 degrees), it contributes to the preservation of youth. The fact that the ambient temperature dependent metabolism and the manifestation of age differences. 8, the Council: more moving. Scientists have proved that even the eight-minute sports daily prolong life.

9 tip: occasionally indulge yourself. Despite the recommendations regarding a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes allow yourself to something tasty. 10 advice: do not always suppress the anger. Various diseases, even malignant tumors are more susceptible to people who constantly criticize themselves, rather than to tell what upsets them, and sometimes argue. Optimal labor and adequate rest also affect our health. Physical activities, not only physical but also mental well act on the nervous system, strengthens the heart, blood vessels and organism as a whole. There is a law of labor, which is known many. People engaged in physical labor, need to relax, which will not be associated with physical activity, and better, if during the rest will be held on mental workload. People whose work involves intellectual activities, it is useful during the holiday to take a physical work. Such a thing as a daily routine becoming less common in modern life, but this factor also has an important role in maintaining health. Rhythm of human life must include time for work, rest, sleep and eating. The man who does not comply with the regime of the day, eventually becoming irritable, he had accumulated fatigue, such people often susceptible to stress and disease. Unfortunately, modern man is hard to maintain a good schedule, you have to sacrifice the time allocated to sleep, eat only when it is time, etc. The correct order of the day will not only help maintain health, but also to better organize your time.

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