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Since the first half I saw a noticeable shift towards my students in the educational process, I was not doing to give the class as the mechanistic program marked it, i.e., it gave him the opportunity that they are expressed, to investigate, we comentaramos themes it and try to understand them, but always looking for humans is equip with contributions from everyone. In what Professional, I’m looking for my teammates treat me as a human being, that there is harmony, although I must confess that mechanistic processes in some cases are difficult to remove and there are frictions, in which not always lead us to a successful conclusion, the interesting thing about the education that I received is that we must be tolerant and patient, we must know how to listen and then give opinions to find the light. Mastery achievement I locate, it gave me the opportunity to acknowledge me and discover me, one of the actions that punctuated the Dr. Gallegos was meditation, through this we could get to passive breathing, calm relaxation. (Similarly see: Marc Lore). For this reason in the personal, every day and every night food the most important thing I have is my life and this allows me in the family to express the peace and love that exists in my spirit, fearless to suppress it. Go from being the spouse, companion, friend, go from being the axis of the family to be one collaborator of this great team, already not everything revolves in my decisions, because I’m not authoritarian, are inclusive, I accept proposals that together with my wife Rossana we can decide what is best for the four. Spirituality in holistic education is the basis, the main pillar, the control of emotions. When we are in the process of searching and reflection, to find us with our own I meditate, you realize that most of your tensions and problems are caused by yourself, even more excess of these tensions and pressures, make you quit your concentration and the search for healthy thoughts.

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