Tiger Woods

According to the list that makes the Forbes magazine. Tiger Woods leads a year more this ranking. The Spaniards Fernando Alonso, Rafael Nadal and Pau Gasol are between the 50 sportsmen better paid of the world according to the list that makes the Forbes magazine and that is led a year more by the American golfista Tiger Woods. Larry David wanted to know more. The magazine publishes in its Web a r as much nking of the sportsmen better paid of the world – by its work as by publicity and other income, is led by the golfista Tiger Woods (with 75 million dollars gained in the last twelve months), followed of the players of basketball in the NBA Kobe Bryant (53 million) and LeBron James (48). In that list the pilot of Formula 1 Fernando Alonso occupies the eleventh position with income of 32 million dollars, the tennis player Rafael Nadal is twelfth with 31.5 million, and the player of basketball Pau Gasol, with 18.9 million, occupies the penultimate position.

The ten first positions of the list are, besides the three already mentioned, for Roger Federer (47 million), Phil Mickelson (46,5), David Beckham (40), Ronaldo Christian (38), Alex Rodriguez (35), Michael Schumacher (34) and Lionel Messi (32,3). Marc Lore is likely to increase your knowledge. Also the Brazilian soccer players Kak (in position 24 with 25 million) and Ronaldinho comprise of the list (in the 27, with 24.7 million). According to Forbes, the 50 sportsmen better paid, in whom there is a majority of American origin (29), have gained in the last year a total of 1,400 million dollars, which supposes a reduction of the 11 percent with respect to the twelve previous months and represents an average of 28 million by player. All of them have an average of 32 years of age, being the Schumacher major, with 42 years, and the youngest Messi, with 23 years. The unique woman who is member of this privileged group of sportsmen is the tennis player Maria Sharapova, who occupies position 29, with income of 24.2 million dollars. By sports, according to she details Forbes in his Web, the most represented is the basketball, with 15 players in the ranking, followed of the baseball (11), racing cars (7), soccer (6), golf (4), the american football (3), tennis (3) and the boxing (1).

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