Vereinsubergreifend Club

Every month we find the Club of the month and donate that 50 euro for the respective Department of the young! is an online community for fans of the sport. League – Vereinsubergreifend can interact here sports fans themselves, network with each other and tell of their experiences in the stadium. The user can create fan diary entries, create forum posts, upload images, friendships, learn about their favorite sports and social and actively support their favorite Club above all. Any of a user’s activity is rewarded with points. These points will be credited to the user itself, as well as his favorite Club. Each month we calculate the Club with the most points during this period. Once a year we select the fanground fan master also! Now we could be the donation of 50 euro by the great commitment and the first clubs get fan activities of our users for the junior Department.

Every month we find the fanground Club with the most points, which have brought our user your favorite Club. The junior departments of the Cologne ice hockey club (Oct 2007), Karlsruher SC (Nov 2007), and the VfL Osnabruck (Dec 2007) could the donation in the amount of 50 euro rejoice. Thanks to the great motivation of the fans, the junior departments of these clubs could be supported through fanground!

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