Ancient Beliefs

In the book The spiritual fuel, Ari Paluch refers to a phrase that perfectly demonstrates what I’m talking “man is born as a prince and turns into a frog” I loved, because that is the prince slowly becomes convinced that is capable of being a prince, that being rich is not good that the rich are bad, you have to work hard to achieve something in life, never heard the saying “nobody gives anything here” and repetition is the mother of skills, we are convinced of that and we reach a certain age, with the full awareness that “every effort is accomplished with” nothing comes from above, “” Money does not grow on trees “and the worst” this is not for you, you’re not able to achieve anything. Sports apparel will not settle for partial explanations. ” And we met with The Secret and the law of attraction and an overnight intend to open the catalog of the universe, choose what we want and magically, the genie from the bottle day “your wish is our command” and when last a time not so, as we are so accustomed to that happens, it’s not for us and it magically never go out, close the catalog and say “this does not work, it’s not for me..

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