Egypt. Hurghada – Activities For Youth

Egypt – a country with a rich history and many memorable antiquities. Not only stone (pyramid) and precious (gold items) that have reached us from pharaonic times, but also natural (eg, Neal), animals (Crocodiles and camels) and plant (with dates). And if you put all these treasures together add to the sea, sun and thousands of all kinds of entertainment, you get a real paradise on earth, which thrive Modern Adam and Eve. Add to your understanding with Maddie Taylor. Why today's youth is so fond of Egypt? Firstly, there is not superexpensive rest, and therefore accessible. Second, in this country, especially in Hurghada, you can make many discoveries. But thirdly, in Hurghada year-round hot, but winter and summer 24 degrees 40 degrees in the shade – not the same thing, but who does not like to bask in the sun? Here you can swim all year round, but in July the water as milk, and in January – like milk, which is an hour ago got out of the fridge. You can surf, but in the afternoon, because after lunch the wind barely gaining momentum, and after lunch does not have time to take off.

You can ride through the desert on quad bikes in the morning to admire the mountains and boundless sandy plains, and after three hours – shimmering mirages. Thus, Egypt will know those who prefer walking holiday. Less active holidaymakers are in Hurghada, enjoy excursions to local museums, trips to cafes and restaurants with national delicacies. For these individuals, Hurghada – Paradise too, from her just 6 hours drive from Cairo, the capital of the ancient states and 7 hours drive to Giza, the city, famous worldwide for its pyramids. And let near the Pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx is not so beautiful and majestic, like a history textbook, and presented huge lifeless stones, but not the oldest works of art, but you understand it You can only standing at their feet, or attaching to them the palm.

But the spirit is still exciting! But the camels in Egypt are the same as in the picture: with a long neck, small head, decorated with colored beads, and bales of both grayish bkah. And the camel ride is no less interesting than the ATV. Only swings, as on the water, not in vain, it is seen camels called ships of the desert. And the fish there, too, as in the picture: blue, yellow, green, even purple! They can be removed with disposable underwater cameras that are sold here on the beach. And this is not necessary to dive to a depth of scuba diving – just rent a mask and flippers. And they themselves Egyptians in long, light and loose clothing, like pajamas, and a pearly teeth (like every month are discovering new bleach) in a couple of days does not look exotic. In Egypt, the good: warm, tasty, fun and interesting. Vacationers have already experienced this znaeyut, it's time to learn about it and you …

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