Lidia Prejecting Gel

The location could not be better. The downside is that in the Centre I have competition, though horribly bad. Clients come to to withdraw them the so-called gel nails that put, and I’m seeing how do bad things: non-gel, but acrylic, but are charging them as such. This can be done by clients disillusioned, so I have a triple work ahead: invest time to convince them that need a good product and better service, explain to them that the quality is always worthwhile, although I pay a little more, and show them that we guarantee that your nails are going to last in good condition between 3 and 4 weeks. This young entrepreneur knows that for someone who has never had a business on their own account is normal to be afraid to reach end-of-month and does not have a payroll, but this tension is what makes you go ahead.

From your mistakes or of your trips you will learn. They are lessons of life, it should not overwhelm you. Finally, after you are working for you. I have self esteem by the clouds, and the fact that clients leave happy and looking nails it is priceless. Thats what he does that they again and confirms that your work is well done.

Why Lidia Prejecting shows delighted with multiple Nails4 Us products aimed at treating nail and skin like Vitaplus line to moisturize dry cuticles; activators gloves, specially designed to activate treatment products; Corrector pens of enamel (Cuti Clean); nail polish remover without acetone, which does not damage the cuticles or nails; a glossy ultra Guard (Ultragloss), ideal to protect the brightness of the nail gel that protects the enamel against the darkening and scratches; and a guard against UV rays, that takes care of the nails that are becoming yellow, either by the Sun or because of Nails 4 tobacco?Us is the first franchise chain specializing in the implementation and maintenance of gel nails. Thanks to this unique and original product, with only go once every 3 or 4 weeks, is guaranteed to improve the image getting make nails look natural, perfect and lasting, with a comfort and extreme softness. Investment minimum necessary to start up a shop Nails 4?Us is 49,000 euros, with a barrel of 11,500 euros entry, a royalty of 7% exploitation euros/month, free the first three months in addition to a royalty of 3% advertising euros/month.

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