Abdomen Muscles

From a point of view joint, all These forces travel through our lumbar vertebrae. Regarding this fact, I highlight that it is true that a worked abdomen warrants us to some degree a healthy lumbar. And especially taking into account the importance of the transverse abdominal, which brings an extra force to all the ligaments and fascia that Act on the lumbo-sacra region. Now feel good, demystify our beloved abdominal and warn you that these are not solely responsible for our low back health, taking an important role also our muscles hamstrings (back of thigh), buttocks (all of them: higher, medium and lower), psoas-iliac (hip flexor) and lumbar square (deep lumbar muscle). Our position also depends on the abdominal muscles, especially at lumbar level. A weak abdomen can accentuate even more lumbar hyperlordosis, an excessive lumbar curvature; While an abdominal muscle shortening can favour a flat lumbar, exempt from curvature. Let us seek balance.

Returning to the brief mention about the diaphragm. This is our breathing engine, which has certain helpers, call them auxiliary engines. Among them are also our abdominal muscles. And your help to be effective they must be (as all the muscles) strong and flexible. We’ll see why in the next article on how to perform abdominal exercises. Simply emphasize its work at breathing level.

I have not spoken performance! In this case there is a direct relationship between health and performance, more than anything else by the already mentioned efficiency in the transmission of forces between what happens in the upper part and the lower part of our body. To understand this relationship, I invite you to make an experiment: day have abdominal aches walk very fast, runs, jumps, or rotates the body left and right, or pushing a wall or pulling a heavy object. You what you do, you will notice the aches. Our abdomen always works. A very common injury in sports, especially in football, is the famous controversies or pubic osteopathy. This is due to an imbalance between the force engaged in the abdomen (weakened) and the adductores (overloaded). So send a message to soccer player (footballer): don’t forget to work your abdominals and stretch your adductores. And happy aesthetics already mentioned in my previous article on slimming. Abdominal exercise will decrease your abdominal diameter, regardless of the amount of fat dipositada on these muscles, so that the volume of your abdomen will be reduced. About thinning effects: nothing at all. Now you have a good reason to train the abdominal muscles. Do you want to know how? Do you want to know how much?

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