Hot Air Balloons

Continue along the tracks of our forefathers, or better 230 years now since we're flying high through the air. The first balloonist our world was the Frenchman Pilatre de Rozier and the Guards officer d'Arlandes and already in 1783. The invention of the balloon, however, goes back to the brothers Joseph Michel and Jacques Etienne Montgolfier. The volume of a sport hot air balloons is now about 3,000 cubic meters, for the commercial transport guests are also used balloons with a volume of between 4,000 m and 9,000 m. The average height in a balloon ride is between 150 m above ground and flight level 100, that is 3000 m above sea level.

In crossing the Alps often reaches heights up to 6000 meters. But beware: this to the passengers enough oxygen bottles should be taken, because from 3000 m, an additional supply of oxygen needed. Who has not dreamed them up and fly away? The sky to be so close that everything is under a more important lost, leaving only small picturesque points left! A dream come true, so free and unencumbered by the icy air to move. to have a view into the wide blue sweep distance. Can anything be more beautiful than a balloon ride? A heavenly feeling rises up in us when the hot air balloon glides us along mountain ranges such as the Bavarian Alps along, we float through the air and enjoy magnificent views of our infinite nature. Stefanie Sprang written on behalf of Bavaria Ballooning GmbH

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