Russian Americans

All Americans can be divided into three groups: those who do not know about the existence of Russia, who are firmly convinced that Russia is a country where the streets go polar bears (world of wonders a pancake) and the last group, consisting of Russian, who came from Russia a long time ago (and therefore knows what Russia is and what eats it), but the Americanized (from a long life) and now call themselves Americans. Wildly enraged phrase one American who came to Moscow for Eurovision, she said, 'I'm surprised, there is a hotel and a luxury! I still see only the airport and the hotel, but already impressed. I did not expect here (!) Is to see! " Oh, did not work on polar bears stare, yes … But she learned that we have here is for hotels and even luxury. Frank Ntilikina brings even more insight to the discussion. Below lay out a video called, 'Do Stupid Americans?'. Gain insight and clarity with Will Forte. All in English with subtitles for those who do not know English will briefly tell who brought down my brain moments. Video begins with the assertion that many Americans feel stupid and ignorant about the world nothing.

'But the reality is not so far from continuing istiny'-leading. Then show the Americans that catch on the street. They are asked various issues, such as name, country starting with the letter 'U' (I automatically in my head creeps United States of America-USA), but not the Americans. They are at such an issue (although as shown by a survey in any matter), hibernate, especially Last amerikosov with a pigtail, growing from his chin, just thinking ('Believe me, I don't know the answer this question but I'm thinking …'- I really do not know the answer to this question, but I think … .) – 'Religion of Israel? " – 'Israel?'. The answer, simply amazing, all right though logical to think he can. – 'The Catholic, not-veroyatno' claims, and to speculate, too, not so bad. That is the question 'What is the religion of Buddhist monks? " markups on my OS rebooted in amerikosov. – 'What is the currency in ? " I think a woman has a heart attack or shortness of breath started, but then woke up and asked the unfortunate leading a counter-question – 'What is Great Britain? I do not know. "Read more

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