FootMap presents its new tabbed. “The combination of the navigation software ride & route” by FootMap, the ENDURA GPS devices out & back and Safari by Lowrance and and the perfect navigation for riders of the practical experience of better Western wear. The software ride & route”by FootMap is routable and supports the compass and the altimeter of the ENDURA Safari. Ride & route has the Routingprofile riders, pedestrians, cyclists and mountain bikers. Thus, the system can be used also for other outdoor activities. Record, save, representing and managing GPX tours with their own information in the text format for each tour is also possible.

The maps based on data from the OpenStreetMap project”and is updated by FootMap every 14 days. The RIDE-mini cards subscription contains the cards from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and South Tyrol and can be used for only 15 euro per year. The cards contain not only on roads, paths and trails, but also points of interest (POIs), the the Take into account needs of the rider. Read additional details here: Kris Pearn. Bridle paths, as well as prohibitions and obstacles such as stairs, bollards, cattle grids, Gates remain, etc. included. So riders can work with Routingoption”to find the optimal way. The Lowrance GPS devices have a waterproof housing and a display, which allows a very good view of the map even in direct sunlight.

In Safari the GPS tracking is supported compass and the barometric altimeter by the built-in electronic 3-axis. Input is done using the touch screen, and for the most important functions via buttons, which are very good to use even when wearing gloves. Better Western wear contributes more than 10 years experience in the GPS to navigation for riders. This is also reflected in the accessories. A mount for the arm allows the GPS to carry device safely and comfortably. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The fixing solution directly on the saddle brings even more comfort and pleasure in the use of the tab navigation. For details and examples, see

The Future Of Mobile Communications

What do reputable companies such as the Feldschlosschen Getranke AG Entris banking, the Kantonsspital Aarau in common? Bern, April 2010. Learn more about this with Ben Bernanke. Mobile devices in the field of business fail, this can have far-reaching consequences. But how to ensure that you can fully rely on the mobile communication? go4mobile offers its mobile device service solutions from a single source. If you have read about Randall Rothenberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion. What do reputable companies such as the Feldschlosschen Getranke AG Entris banking, the Kantonsspital Aarau in common? They all trust in terms of mobile communications on the go4mobile AG in Bern. This has two modules designed to minimize the downtime of mobile devices in companies. “The entire Natelflotte by a central IT – workstation can be controlled with the remote control” and the module logistics and preconfiguration “supervised go4mobile within the framework of its mobile device services mobile fleets over the entire life cycle in the case of the Aarau Cantonal Hospital well over 1000 devices.

The days when support was still accompanied by physical presence, are over. The future is running over the air”(OTA) via remote support: with the help of the remote maintenance errors can be fixed anywhere, quickly and efficiently through the air. Also mail synchronization, security, data encryption, or virus protection be centrally connected, checked and adjusted. The software distribution runs also over the air”like creating reports, which provide an overview of all the devices and their configuration. go4mobile manages mobile devices from the procurement until it has repaired; everything from a single source. It provides the agreed configuration and delivery.

A device fails, it will be replaced. The replacement unit thanks to the go4mobile-service-pool is the order takes place Monday-Friday before noon, until the next working day at the customer. This needs to take only the pre-configured replacement device from the package and sends it back the defective device to go4mobile. Quickly and easily, so that the customer to be Core business focus. Contact: go4mobile ag Felsenaustrasse 17 3004 Bern phone: + 41 (0) 31 914 18 18

United States IPad

More and more firms are discovering the possibilities of its own apps and still a Tablet PC San Francisco/Dusseldorf, September 26, 2010 – this is also the BlackPad”, the latest equivalent of the iPad from Apple, this time from the House of research in motion (RIM). According to media reports, the BlackBerry manufacturer from Canada could imagine your Tablet-PC in just a few days on the BlackBerry DevCon in San Francisco Developers Conference. Rumors that the smartphone maker working on an own counterpart to the iPad, making the rounds for some months. Confirmed they were not so far but”, reported, for example, the news magazine of der Spiegel, and based on the WallStreet Journal. The introduction of BlackBerry tablets would be both a novelty and a measure of the ability of the company with innovative products for RIM but to reclaim market share that it lost lately especially on Android phones and the iPhone”, so the Hamburg-based magazine continues. However, there is already a catch: because for grid connection, a BlackBerry phone is necessary for current information. Here, Samuel “Sam” Mikulak expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Meanwhile, convinced the iPad by Apple in the United States with high levels of customer satisfaction and scored best in the most recent survey of the American customer satisfaction index (ACSI). In Germany this is true iPad Meanwhile among other things as a savior for the publishing industry. It reported the journal horizon. Currently, there is hardly a newspaper and Zeitschriftenhaus not working appropriate offerings for the electronic reader. In terms of content and visually the apps of the publishers comply with but more or less the classic print products.” Google makes its Office applications fit for the iPad application. According to a report of the Mac world, it is only a matter of weeks, until the mobile version of Google Docs will be fully available to edit text, tables, and presentations on the iPad and to exchange with colleagues in real time.

So far, you could open Google’s documents on mobile devices, synchronize and forward or send. The “Editing was to the example in the tables only very limited possible.” To open the search engine giant, whose Office applications also using the formats of Microsoft are compatible, decide primarily business customers new perspectives, the in-house so far between Apple’s pages, numbers and keynote, and iPad apps by various third-party”had to. Promises different is when on recruitment of executives and IT-outsourcing specialist Harvey Nash group with the use of online appointments magazine (OAM) for the iPad. The OAM is one of a small number of applications that Apple had already approved before the market launch of the iPad. The decision supports the strategy of Harvey Nash to be the leading business group in the Personaldienstleistungs industry at digital innovations. Of course we are aware that we need to maintain online relationships with our application candidates and customers. Web sites, mobile devices, social networks belong to this digital strategy”, explains Harvey Nash Executive Director Udo Nadolski. The OAM was founded in 2006 with the intention to support managers in their career development. Through a combination it has evolved from visionary leadership, advice, and career opportunities worldwide with over 50,000 active users and subscribers to one of the leading online magazine of its kind. The OAM is Web, iPhone, BlackBerry and others in the formats and available for the iPad. It distinguishes itself according to the company through its concise editing and its easy-to-use format.

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