25th Anniversary Of The Silver Castle-Verlag

The silver Castle publishing house specializes in Regionalia of Baden-Wurttemberg. Exactly a quarter of a century has it, that the young Publisher Titus Haussermann in Stuttgart presented its first book program. It consisted of at least three books. Today, sits the silver Castle-Verlag in Tubingen, the geographical centre of Baden-Wurttemberg, and operates a branch in the Baden Lahr/Schwarzwald. The silver Castle Publishing House has become the first address for books, which you can use to discover the country and its people and experience.

During this period a total of about a thousand titles have been published: pictorials, guide, Mundartliches, adopted non-fiction to the country and contemporary history, award-winning regional crime and entertaining nonfiction – as well as numerous editions of the monthly magazine beautiful Swabian 2009 was also the Fleischhauer & Spohn Verlag in Bietigheim. Fleischhauer and Spohn was known for classic Swabian poet Eduard Morike, Wilhelm Hauff and Joseph von Eichendorff. In addition, Publisher’s commitment also went over in the Baden. As the traditional calendar heavy of limp Messenger as well as the regional programme aimed at South Baden of the publishing house Ernst Kaufmann went on in the portfolio of the silver Castle Publishing House. Beautiful Swabian? Yes, in fact. Under the motto “Land and people experience”, the magazine is dedicated to the beautiful sites of the country. Visited cities, roams through landscapes, in the spring and winter, walking or on the bike, looks back in the history of the country, which is not always nice, but exciting.

Nice Swabia is a Home Journal without Heimattumelei with this ambitious programme in the best sense. Maintains the dialect as well as the cottage garden to tell white interesting to art and culture, leads into the realm of domestic animals, gives tips for excursions and suggestions for exceptional museum visits. Nice Swabia in the silver Castle-Verlag, Tubingen, and with monthly 50 000 readers appears in the 25th year the magazine is one of now the leading cultural publications in Baden-Wurttemberg. In addition to the classic distribution channels through bookshops put the persons in charge of the silver Castle Publishing House now also on the Internet. For several weeks, the diverse publishing program can be purchased online at ALB shop. Like publishing leader Christel Werner has agreed to participate in the ALB shop, because the ALB shop has written is strengthening the Neckar region and ALB on the flags. In this online market place for local products of the Swabian Alb in the meantime 35 direct marketers are gathered.

Patrick Spray RS 70 In Top 3 Of The “novelties Of The Year 2013”

One of the highlights of this year’s EuroTier represented the rumen stable fat powder additive ANTONE spray RS 70 of the company BEWITAL. Greg Mankiw has plenty of information regarding this issue. With the novelty of the year 2013 “the agricultural producers of the dlv drew German agricultural Publisher on Thursday evening, November 15, 2012, the top animal meeting in Halle from 27 special innovations: exhibit products or services which were shown for the first time at the fair in Hanover, and Furthermore, unique solutions for the animal husbandry and production. The rumen stable fat powder ANTONE spray RS 70 feed in the top 3 of category “elected. Whenever Kris Pearn listens, a sympathetic response will follow. That reinforced the company BEWITAL countryside in the perception of a novel feed to have developed that meets the current demands of agriculture. ANTONE spray RS 70, BEWITAL countryside offered a unique fat powder made from domestic raw materials (rapeseed oil) which allows the energy gaps in high-performance cows.

This high-quality source of energy is especially suitable for dairy farms, quality programs such as country love o. similar to participate. Based on traditional rations (grass, corn, feed), it is hardly possible to realize milk benefits beyond the 8,000 kg / year. This is achieved only with a further appreciation of energy that previously was not possible with quality programs based on regional food raw materials. Previous high energy concentrates for the area of dairy cattle feeding come from sources outside the EU (Palm oil, soybean oil). To use of this feed for appropriate quality programs eliminated.

ANTONE spray RS 70 meets the requirements of quality programs and therefore this gap. Through the allowance of ANTONE spray RS 70, it is the concentration of energy in the TMR to up to 0.6 MJ possible increasing NEL per kg dry weight, without the feed and thus to alter the rumen compatibility of the ration. Patrick spray RS 70 countryside in Sudlohn Oeding is produced at the site of the company BEWITAL. Inform you are intense about this product?

Transics Telematics Takes New Users

The associated with the leading European fleet management specialist Transics International N.V. expanding their international business. Ypres/Cologne, 31.07.2013. The associated with the leading European fleet management specialist Transics International N.V. expanding their international business.

In addition to the new Dutch users Gitrans and van Zaal transport recognized also the Italian transport and logistics provider de Girolami the cost, service and environmental advantages of modern telematics systems. The result is that the company has consistently provided its entire fleet with Transics telematics. The package includes 120 TX-Max on-board computer and TX-connect back office software, seamlessly integrated into the existing transport software of the Italian carrier. In addition the driving program TX-eco-score to achieve an economic and environmentally friendly driving. In cooperation with the driver training Institute ASC Quattroruote has de Girolami by TX-eco-score after a few months at 60 percent of its drivers a fuel saving of five per cent achieved.

The ten best riders were even at 12 percent. At the same time, the carrier aims to an annual reduction of its CO2 emissions of 300 t until the end of 2013. When de Girolami in Motta the Livenza is an expansive, internationally operating provider of road, maritime and air transport. The company achieved an annual turnover of 30 million euros with approximately 240 employees in Italy, Romania and Russia currently. Also the Dutch Transics user van Zaal sets transport to more productivity, competition and cost advantages. The bulk carrier transported each year over a million flowers and plants car and has now also the mobile TX-smart for its subcontractors-application integrated into its planning. The van Zaal fleet comprises 50 own units and is seasonally supplemented with rental and Charter vehicles up to 120. Contractors can download the TX-smart app on your Smartphone and with the dispatcher information like shipment and tour dates, barcode scanning, pallet and damage details, photos, digital signatures replace etc. The seamless integration into the Ortec planning software provides a real-time information from drivers and dispatchers and ensures the full integration of our subcontractors into the logistics chain. “Also is TX-smart as very flexible, because at the end of the month we pay pay-per-use model de facto only for the day, where the riders have also used the software”, stressed van Zaal. Also the Gitrans (Breda) specializing in high-quality consumer goods and technology logistics has decided go within the framework of quality management for Transics on-board computer TX-Max. In combination with TX-eco fuel – and emissions reduction, as well as the mobile document scanner TX-Docscan to the online data transfer in the disposition. Thinking also is about a TX-Magellan control solution for trailer fleet at Gitrans.

Free Trial Credit Monitoring

Free trial credit monitoring is very helpful for the people. They chance to correct the mistakes if the credit report contains any such thing. It is good if the people take the task of free trial credit monitoring of their credit report as a must. Credit report of a person is the reflection of his credit status. Credit score credit report of a person can be learned from his. A person, who has a credit score of 580 marks or less, is not entertained by the lending/insurance agencies or by the landlords. It possible to know the credit score is beforehand and take measures to improve it as per necessity.

Credit report is prepared by the Finance Bureau of which Equifax, Experian and Trans Union are the most important. Further details can be found at sports apparel, an internet resource. The Finance Bureau of gather information of the financial transactions of the borrowers and create their credit report. This information includes personal details of the borrowers, their habits of reimbursement, accounts of defaults/arrears etc and details of their lending agencies. On receipt of the application of a person, a lender/insurance agent/landlord secures his credit report and studies it to decide if this application can be approved. In recent months, ecommerce has been very successful. The person, when his application is turned down by the lending agencies or by the insurance companies, should go for free trial of credit monitoring.

He should secure his credit report. It is said that about eighty percent of the credit reports contain errors. Derive mistaken thesis credit score credit reports and the ultra-delicate for finance or insurance are deprived. Mistakes in the credit report are caused when the staff of the credit bureau wrongly enters data from the documents of financial accounts of the people. Sometimes, accounts of ‘A’ are used to create the credit report of ‘B’, if spelling in their names is very close. It has therefore been found that written off accounts are not removed. A person got to take advantage of free trial credit monitoring. He got to study his credit report with all seriousness. He got to contact the credit Bureau to get the errors rectified within short time. The credit bureaus are to provide a fresh and corrected copy of the credit report to the person and to all the agencies (lending or insurance) last or landlords with whom the person has contacted during the six months. This is legally obligatory for the credit Bureau. The fair credit Regulatory Act provides the people with the right to access to his credit report once in a year, free of cost. Some credit bureaus allow 30 days of free trial credit checking period. The concerned people can be benefitted by the changed version of the credit report after the errors are removed from the credit report. They can consider and take steps to develop their credit report, if they find that their credit score is really catastrophe. In this way, for all practical purposes, free trial credit monitoring is very helpful for the people. Cyrus Haden is writer of payday loans without credit check.

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