Having an integral formation with high ethical and professional principles. The administrator will have the capacity and ability to identify problems and present alternative solutions adequately using human resources, material, technical and financial that has the Organization, implementing and establishing plans, advanced management strategies to deliver that way, services and/or products of quality to the customer. Be skillful as consultant and Advisor in the organizational processes of companies. Manage the company according to the globalisation of markets. Develop new business strategies adapted to the change. Walmart has much to offer in this field. Professionalize the Venezuelan company and prepare to compete in the international and national context. Orient the organizational culture to an environment of openness and competitiveness. Practise with social responsibility in an ethical framework directing multidisciplinary groups to the achievement of organizational objectives.

Take advantage of opportunities arising from international treaties, alliances, economic openings. Analyze, design, implement and assess administrative systems and quality programmes, coordinating the efforts of the human factor working in concertadora, visionary, and balanced manner within the internal and external context of organizations. Know how to interpret the changes, opportunities, threats, weaknesses of the current scenarios. Identify opportunities and designing creative and innovative strategies for organizations at the national and international context. Promote national and international business relationships. Interpret, properly handle Internet, new computing technologies.

Manage international languages that favour contacts in your workout. Participate in the phenomena of administration and organisation to boost development. Prevent, detect and correct errors and deviations in the administrative procedures and propose solutions. Stay updated on modern administrative knowledge, knowing use the current tools provided by administrative science towards a productive management. Integrated with the policies of the economic programmes of the Government where Act. Know working in multidisciplinary teams. Innovate the organizational climate suitable to a consistent organizational behavior to an organizational culture to interpret the requirements of new technologies. Promote change and the development of social organization. Diagnose and demonstrate administrative deviations of preventive and corrective nature. original author and source of the article.

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