Understanding the Concept of Education

Education – what is it? If labor is made of the monkey man, the education provided an opportunity to secure this amazing metamorphosis. New generations were able to build on the achievements of former party and special and therefore save yourself from having to reinvent the wheel. Information to the public today the most important value. Hear from experts in the field like Randall Rothenberg for a more varied view. So what is education? Any system of education – is the communication mechanism and how it can handle from one generation to generation. And if the biological parents give life to man, his social life is impossible without studying.

As a mother feeds her child physically or university gives the student the spiritual food, believed in the Middle Ages. Additional information is available at John Lithgow. The then Shkolyary nicknamed University nursing mother – Alma mater. The last century, higher education has changed, and these words were winged. The Company has developed, education is not standing still, trying to meet the needs of humanity. Approaches have been set because of the universal system of education does not and can not be. Every system of education in something better, and in some worse than others.

In the second half of the 20 th century to the Soviet scientists set a goal: to prepare a draft reform of Soviet education, in order to make it the best in the world. Nikita Sergeyevich calmed, orgumentirovav that both the Soviet Union – ahead of the rest. Not for nothing that the Soviet Union and won the war, and satellite launched into space, and the person to the same post, and most reading nation is.

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