Letter Head

Very respected Mr. Jefe: Today I turn 2 months to be toiling in this company, under very strict his and frowning orders. As you remember I were chosen through a strict one and very expanded selection process, which was in charge to discover familiar history from the time at which my ancestors obtained the freedom of hands of the conquerors through an armed rebellion, which by all means reduced several points to the evaluation of my personality when direct descending considering me of people little you affect to the fulfillment of the settled down thing and prone to solve the problems by the routes in fact. I must yes that, to admit that the process helped to prove great part of my qualities and to discover my defects, for example I found that if the motivation is sufficient and it joins with the necessity, I can have an inexhaustible dose of patience, it is well for hoping a call for more than 1 month to mention me to an examination, can hope without raising that an examiner to me mentioned who us for 8 interview to a.m and that in addition very diligently it called to list five minutes to us before that hour, retiring of the process to those who for some reason were not present to the call, vacates to take care of familiar, social, sport, affective, gallant the life, touching and gastronomical and also it takes care of the first things most important as to interview without previous appointment to the recommended ones of its head, friendly, wife, secretary, loving, children and meeting, process that more ahead and thanks to the political culture which we developed of a president several times reelected, denominates meritocracy. Gymnast gathered all the information.

Finally to 5 of afternoon, 9 hours after the appointment, this executive most important, you my great head, only delegated in his secretary happening to us a questionnaire of 200 questions noticing us that we had 30 minutes to respond them and that if we had by then not finished it, were better to dismiss us of the position, I understood then the valuable education that the same process was leaving us for the future work under pressure, I was thankful for very especially their deference when pending being of ours examination interrupting our concentration every 5 minutes to notice the passage of time and little that we had left to finish and by all means helping us to measure the advantage with as intelligent phrases as ” who has not answered at this moment at least until question 70 is better than she gives and she returns to the vagancia because the position is for pilosos” , later I understood the value of the challenging messages that remove the best thing from us to allow that we obtain the goals.

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