Attract New Customers your friendly Realtor in the green heart of Germany! More than just a sympathetic broker in the green heart of Germany! “In the year of the Millennium based, until then as one man company” family-run real estate firm KIM Konig real estate Muhlhausen (, its successful 10th anniversary commits in a few weeks. “In Muhlhausen / thur., the former imperial and Hanseatic City – free which also as the Red Castle, o.d. Tauber of East” referred to is located in Central old town location -, it is among the most serious real estate service providers in the city. Meanwhile, it employs a total of 3 employees and an intern, and contributing to the growing needs of customers in real estate services, such as sale, rental and leasing of residential, commercial, return objects and plots, Bill. It also acts as a regional consultant of such renowned House construction company as the ISB Muhlhausen GmbH (former WBS), which to the locals Market leaders in the detached house sector counts and developed into a specialist for handicapped-accessible build. You may find that Andy Kaufman can contribute to your knowledge.

In contrast to other brokerage firms, one despite real estate Muhlhausen of the crisis with KIM Konig by going new ways for acquiring customers and has no sales. The company provides a special shopping service all of their clients. All materials necessary for the renovation and modernisation of the purchased, rented or leased real estate can be purchased through the company some of the more competitive rates at its contractors, making the payment of the brokerage usually already to a large extent for this has paid for itself. By the same author: David Delrahim. For providers, the company works mostly free, cost effective for difficult objects. KIM Konig real estate Muhlhausen, is also working for various banks and processing companies as intermediaries between them and their debtors. In this area is through the crisis a growing demand, so that KIM Konig real estate Muhlhausen here has strengthened its business activities. Like, the company KIM Konig stands real estate Muhlhausen, also you at any time in the evenings or on weekends available.

You have questions, suggestions and wishes, then you contact at the company.

Frankfurt Office Center FBC

With its clear shape, the FBC Frankfurter Office Center shapes the image of the skyline of Frankfurt’s clear. In addition, the attractiveness of the building is enhanced by ambitious asset management. The skyscrapers of today can be much more than just a building for the everyday lives of office workers. Increasingly, the building must reflect the needs of its users and provide practical and comfortable answers for the hard-working people. To feel a suitable degree of truly useful services. An exemplary example of the change to the services Tower is the FBC Frankfurt Office Center in the financial district of the main metropolis. By the same author: Martin Feldstein. Morning on a normal working day: children’s laughter in the foyer, the day begins with good humor. The FBC is no place for grey office workers on the contrary.

Real life takes place here. Much is new, much has changed. A dedicated young woman behind the innovations: Bettina Vogt as an employee of the real estate services company Archon group, a subsidiary \”Goldman Sachs, is the asset manager of the Frankfurt Office Center and it has a highly ambitious goal: I would like to that of the Office of the tenant is as pleasant as possible, that they feel comfortable here\”. The today real comfortable high-rise is the result of a persistent and consistent service philosophy. Bettina Vogt has had this from the outset the users and their needs in mind. I know that the balanced combination of work and private life is many people problems.

Especially for parents of small children, the optimum supply of scientists is not self-evident. We wanted a quality very good and at the same time super convenient solution so a win-win situation for children and parents\”, Vogt. And a daycare centre on Board of the FBC skyscraper is actually since the beginning of 2009. Over one hundred children aged spend their days can here between 8:00 and 20:00 up to six years, close to MOM or dad.

Real Estate Industry

Interest of the creative economy in areas and real estate with urban potential shifts in trends concerns whose impact on the surroundings, i.e. Kris Pearn might disagree with that approach. an intense consideration of interactions in the site structure for the real estate industry. More info: Martin Feldstein. All the major players such as municipality, project developers, operators, investors, retailers, service providers or representatives can network a site record. For the most part, the entire assets of the German economy consists of the assets invested in real estate. A finding that is transferable analog on sites. The real estate industry is wide fanned (architects, engineers, tenant, landlord, brokers, managers, construction supervisors, city planners and others) and fairly structured.

In this industry, informal conditions play a larger role than in other sectors, i.e. personal relations are in the foreground. Here, actors of the cultural and creative industries event -, intermediate – and permanent uses are often interested in such areas and properties, a pronounced urban potential exhibit, whose recycling creates difficulties for purely free-market criteria but. This unplanned unfolding activities use such possibilities as experimentation and testing areas. Ideally facilities such as ramps or support-free rooms (exhibitions) nowhere are there as usual. Long-neglected property can be transferred the appreciation in a process (shop vacancy rate in ground floor zones to the trading-down “with negative downward spiral causing). Not disinterestedly from the perspective of the site development also called young creatives as truffle pigs”. Sometimes special situations and qualities of real estate be discovered only through them.

Another advantage: young creative include the robust user groups, which are often willing, premises with low structural, energetic and technical facilities Quality to take (if the other previously mentioned criteria are correct). See also Jorg Becker: cultural and creative economy in the network of site factors determination of position and effect, ISBN 978-3-8391-1635-7 see here in addition Jorg Becker: site analysis, cultural and creative industries as creative is the site? ISBN 978-3-8391-2058-3. Because despite the crisis, the demand for artistic and creative content, we have to do it, whose often project-based collaborative forms of work also for other sectors of the economy can almost have model character with a real growth industry. Cultural workers are triggers for the site development process. They act as multipliers and similar work with a planting vegetation on nutrient-poor soils. In this picture they are the humus, the nutrient-poor locations”need. On the this refined”other plants, i.e. in sectors of the economy are over viable location. The presented instruments offers all possibilities, the Bridge between the site and -balance sheet of of the creative economy through permanent and continuous tuning ability to create.

Court Eviction

The landlord and tenant Amendment Act which entered into force on 1 may improved the legal status of the landlord. Weingarten, 17.07.2013. So, the courts are in the future called primarily to edit actions for eviction and terminate. While the usual opinion – and appearance time limits can be abbreviated. Now, after termination due to default in payment, dishes to start an eviction process can arrange that the lessee must deposit the fee for the use of the rented premises took place during the court proceedings. This is to prevent that the landlord through the duration of the court proceedings suffers economic damage, because the tenant is no longer at the end of the process able, to settle the Conjoint accrued during the process. The tenant with an eviction due to delay in payment does not follow a backup arrangement adopted by the Court the landlord can very quickly obtain an eviction judgment by way of injunction.

So far, an interim injunction was on clearance due to Not allowed any delay in payment. For the first time legally permitted is”also the Berlin clearance. In this type of clearance the bailiff the tenant literally outside the door be, without that the landlord would have to wait on a usually lengthy eviction from the apartment. The objects of the hirer must be offered initially for one month him, then they can be utilized for the payment of the noted. This will make in the rule of the bailiff. The inventory should be at a Berlin clearance will carefully logged. It is namely later dispute, the landlord must able to demonstrate also that for example the bulky actually was bulky. Because the items are basically property of the lessee, the lessor shall be liable namely nonetheless, if simply disposed of valuables. As a further protection measure for landlords is provided that these can cancel future even then without notice, if the tenant with the Deposit payment is in arrears. Even if the rights of so that the landlord has been extended to cover against loss of rent offered yet.

Offering beSURE landlord protection differs considerably from traditional rental Nomad insurance”. beSURE performs as a complete loss insurance, so the landlord when the tenant’s payment conflict does not damage and protection offers this already from the first month after loss – for the entire rent and 90 percent of the costs. Can or will no longer pay a tenant, the landlord as the policy owner assigns his claims. Then, the DVF – German family insurance AG makes immediately, for a period of up to 6 months. The comfort fare includes also the protection of possibly incurred damage to property up to 20,000 euros, as well as the legal advice.


The market of privately sold real estate notes to support your sales efforts is still large. Reason enough, to those who do without professional assistance from a real estate agent would like to give some useful pointers. Seller should observe the following points in its efforts: 1) you do not use on a single marketing channel. Both Internet and print and personal marketing are important. (2) not only brokers can create an expose, also you should bother, your prospective buyers to give the data to your object black and white. (3) when your ads on it, to keep the object description free of subjective opinions. It don’t care what you have experienced in the real estate the future owner. (4) bidders will have objections.

This is completely normal and is not aimed against you as a person. Can remember no concern, and prepare properly on these objections. You should always Answer have. (5) consistency is everything. Turn your ads regularly, and provide timeliness of data and images. Stay on the ball. Call your prospective buyers after seeing on (if they are unable to sign after a certain time), and to press.

(6) bring your real estate in shot. Provide order, and renovate, if necessary. The costs incurred by a renovation, are worthwhile in any case. It is a faster sale or a higher price, you can achieve. (7) ensure that if possible, alone lead you interested persons, through the object. Not too many people, except the interested parties, should be in the object. To avoid errors and unpleasant situations during the tour. 8), when viewing appointments to schedule this at reasonable times of the day. In particular the three L BBs are important: light, noise, and air should at the time of the visit to your advantage fail. (9) at the end decides (almost) always the prize. Provide for a fair market price. This is typically not: the price you paid, plus a premium, so it is well worth the price you need, because it is the financing of the next object based, the price achieved by an object in the neighbourhood, the price my neighbors or relatives. You need to calculate the market price. (10) look at is exactly, what is offered on the market in your area to comparable objects. Interested parties will inspect all of this real estate and visiting your object provide arguments for the real estate alongside and against your in the room. This you should know and do away with the necessary sales skills out of the way. (11) for the case that an interested party become the potential buyer, you should all necessary documents sorted and in printed version as well as digital ready. (12) before it goes to a notary, you sure check the creditworthiness of the purchaser. You rely in the Joy noise, caused by the commitment, not on oral statements such as: I got the money in cash. I pay cash. The funding is available. The financing is not a problem. Need more proof, and can check the credit rating by an independent third party. I wish you all the best and much success in the sale of your property. Should you easier imagined selling a property have, it is perhaps better, to hire a real estate agent of you can trust with the marketing. This won’t cost you a penny.

Apartments Renovation

Apartments in Gottingen, the times, in which students in a confined space must live together and bring sleeping, cooking and the use of bathroom and toilet under a hat in just 20 square meter apartments are outfitted with quality furnishings, are over. Apartments in Gottingen, the times, in which students in a confined space must live together and bring sleeping, cooking and the use of bathroom and toilet under a hat in just 20 square meter apartments are outfitted with quality furnishings, are over. This proves a current residential project, the foundations of construction service company for renovation mbH has taken over the Gottinger Hausverwaltung GmbH (GoHv) on behalf of its administration from Berlin. The lavish renovation of the residential object in the Gosslerstrasse 77 in Gottingen created the basis for one of the most modern apartment complexes the university town has to offer at the moment and now belongs to the management stock of GoHv. Before the renovation of the building were the total 146 individual apartments and Apartments just even half as big as it is today. Everything to the ground, was during a refurbishment of our business partner cornerstone ‘ renewed.

The result: Generous student apartments, fully furnished are very noble appear high-quality furnishings “, reported the Gottinger Hausverwaltung Managing Director Christian Rathei. Underfloor heating and TV-lounge the apartments feature not only by its central location to the University, but have a fitted kitchen with microwave, flat screen TV, a modern bathroom and underfloor heating. A highlight is the TV lounge on the ground floor of the student residential complex, which will invite to exclusive and cozy sitting together in future. The rental of the apartments has already started a few weeks ago and is in full swing. Prospective buyers should hurry so and inform yourself on our website at about this unique offer or contact us personally! “, recommends” Rathei.

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