Operated by a car just as lean CL. There are two modes: “Sports” – harder, and “Comfort”, adding that one can experience the sensation of flying – chief editor again nauseated – it serves him right, sports fans-modes. At the joints of bridges, manhole hatches, rails tram car shakes so nice that I want to specifically run into potholes over and over again, and the salon does not even penetrate the sound of blows on the wheel bumps. In short, a car that I was just lucky enough to occasion in the last days of the year, has become for me a true symbol of what we call a “luxury.” And it’s not that it – Mercedes, whose name has always been similar associations around the world. No! If this machine is the product of any other avtokorporatsii, I would not give up his words. Frankly, until the last moment he was afraid to ask representative value of the corporation Mercedes R – remembered a recent CL-Class for 170 000 euros – and crestfallen thought that exactly in luxury and comfort, but more spacious and versatile car with premium will be sold more cheaply, of course, but it still costs about the aircraft … And then …

no words, just “dastinfantastish”! Manager Mercedes somehow quietly voiced figure of 62 000 euros … In short, two minutes silence I clapped eyes. If again hint at the exorbitant prices of other brands of cars and the fact that in the premium segment of the R-ki no competitors at all (!). Academy of Art University may find this interesting as well. I will be brief and objective: 63 000 euro simply ridiculous price. In this so-called “minivan” is not shameful meet-haul high delegation – because both outside and inside is a solid tinted limousine, it is safe to cut and on urban routes, and the lane – Mercedes equally indifferent to the quality of roads and the lack thereof. (Incidentally, the car has fallen to us to the test, carry a head of mission in Russia, Mercedes!) And it is a special chic ride it on long trips and camping! One can only imagine – in addition to the company of 5-6 people, freely nestled in the cabin, the trunk can be R-ki no effort to push the young elephant on the barbecue.

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