Unemployment Triggers

Lack of employment, do not have access to education systems, lack of coordination between police authorities, and the corruption that occurs in authorities of different levels, are triggers of insecurity that day to day lives inthe Guadalajara metropolitan area. Contact information is here: Janet Yellen. For Francisco Jimenez Reynoso, Professor and researcher at the Division of legal studies of the University Center for social sciences and Humanities (CUCSH), these are the main factors that generate this problem in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. Employment before the crime. The results in the field of security are very bad in our institution. Unable to speak of the only need for coordination. We need to restructure systems and above all provide citizens with better conditions of employment adds the researcher. And adds, I think that the lack of opportunities for young people is something worrying, since this sector is vulnerable against crime.

Government and family. For Jimenez Reynoso, the responsibility of care and provide a solution to the problem of crime and insecurity, not only is vested in the Government, but in families. It is substantial to address the problem of family disintegration, avoid drug use and give a teaching of values in the bosom of families, explains the specialist. Police coordination. That insecurity go downhill, it is urgent to establish effective conditions for coordination between the public security forces.

This can be achieved in the medium term, just so a common front against crime, may be proposed. Finally, said Jimenez Reynoso that another important factor is to establish effective prevention programmes on drug use. If the problem is attacked in an integral way more concrete and effective results.

Linked Table Manager

As a file server can act as a shared folder (with open access for all), which placed a file of data objects (with the base tables). Hopefully, on whether to split the database doubt no. It remains to solve the question of how to do it. There are two options: make a new blank database, click the box to the base right, select the shortcut menu, “Import” or “File – Get External Data – Import,” and further dialogue. As a result, the base will be imported (copied) table. Remove the table from the database, from which makes imports, and connect it to the new database tables. do division database using the wizard: “Tools – Utilities – Division of bases data “and then in the dialogue.

Connecting to the same “server” (the base of the tables) is very simple – press the right button in the window base application object (where the shape and everything else), choose the context menu “Link Tables” or “File – Get External Data – Link Tables” and then in the dialogue. Ray Clemence is often mentioned in discussions such as these. As a result of our database, a shortcut tables, and marked with arrows on the left, which means that the external table. Additional information is available at Drew Brees. Limitation when working with tables – You can not change their structure (add, edit fields, etc.) in this database. Can only be one in which they were created (are). But it is better, if we decide to do a split basis, the design immediately create two databases mdb: in one place tables in another, all the rest. ussion. Thus, the base is divided.

Let me remind you, the main advantage of separating the base – the ability to create a network application. Imagine: one of the networked computers, create a folder “base” open to it share (to the same open access and the disk on which you installed Access, generally “C”), and put it in a file of data objects (with the base tables). Other computers place copies of files the application objects (database with forms reports, etc.) and connect them to our “server”. It turned out a network application – many users enter data in one database. Such an application called “File – server” as a “server” serves file data objects. But let’s say, for some reason the location of the “server” has changed – the folder “base” move. As users run their applications, they will have a message that the table is not found. In this case, right-click on the icon in the application table users, the shortcut menu, select “Linked Table Manager”, mark the tables, the path that you want to update, or click “Select All”, then “OK” and then on dialogue. All of these actions are done by hand. But can all this be done programmatically?

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